The Sport of Boxing

Boxing is often referred to as the “Manly Art of Self Defense.” It is a very respectable sport that has a rough side to it. Boxing takes place in a sixteen to twenty-four foot square padded area called a ring. A boxing match (referred to as a bout) is usually a fast , violent show […]

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The Sociology of Sport

Introduction The field of sociology of sport is a significant arm of the larger field of sociology. The focus rests on understanding how sports influence social relations. Sociologists in the field try to understand the role that sports play in the society. Different perspectives exist regarding the significance of sports. As the various theoretical perspectives […]

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Sociology of Sport

Introduction Sociologists credit sport as it teaches values like hard work, competition, success, and leadership. It is a social institution promoting societal core values. One such sport is NASCAR, and here, we look at sociology making NASCAR one of America’s fastest growing kinds of sport. History of NASCAR Following the end of World War II, […]

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Weight training improves cognitive function in seniors

Weight-bearing exercises may help minimise cognitive decline and impaired mobility in seniors, according to a new study conducted by the Centre for Hip Health and Mobility at Vancouver Coastal Health and the University of British Columbia. The study, published on 25 January in the Archives of Internal Medicine, is one of the first randomised controlled […]

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Greatest Briton: Steve Redgrave

Redgrave’s illustrious career spanned more than 20 years. He made his international debut at the World Junior Championships in 1979 and won his first medal at this competition a year later. Young Matthew Pinsent blended perfectly with Redgrave’s experience. The pair were world champions in 1991 before Redgrave completed his Olympic hat-trick in Barcelona in […]

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Insulin and Genetically Modified Humans In Sport

In august 1998 a law was passed so as the substance insulin was prohibited in Britain and could only be obtained by prescription due to its adverse effects on an athletes performance. The International Olympic Committee banned it. However the ban doesn’t apply to diabetic athletes who’s lives depend on this controversial drug. Dr Verroken […]

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Evaluation of computer art project

The scenario for this assignment was that Terry Dickenson played the role of the Manager of the new sports car Manufacturer “TRV Sports Cars”. He played the role of the client and I played the role of the Graphic Designer. My job was to create a front cover for a magazine that would feature the […]

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Critically Evaluate the Policy Process for the following issue in Sports Development

For this essay we must also understand what policy processes are. A policy is, ‘a response to a crisis.’ A social inclusion policy benefits society because the cost to the taxpayer in health service and criminal damage is astronomical, and sport is viewed to reduce these problems. An example of the cost to the taxpayer […]

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Pregnant Women in Sport

I have decided to study the important issue of pregnant women in sport. This is a topic that affects nearly all sports in Australia mostly netball and basketball because they are the two most popular female sports in Australia. Netball has 505,000 female participants and basketball has 147,000 (source of statistics from www. abs. gov. […]

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Critically assess the need for the control measures applied to football

The measures, through legislation, which are in place to control football crowds have developed over many years and in the main, have come about because of the sports controlling interests inability or lack of desire to exercise the measures voluntarily. As early as 1969, in the Lang Report, it was recommended that standing terraces be […]

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