Taylor’s Earthly and Spiritual Life

Taylor’s “Upon Wedlock and Death of Children” is a poem where he expresses a deep meditation for his earthly and spiritual life especially regarding his loss of children. In the poem, he uses imagery to relate his earthly life to his spiritual salvation. He says that “when in this knot I planted was, my stock,” […]

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Spiritual and Emotional Gratification in “Ecstasy” by Hayden Carruth

The poem “Ecstasy” by Hayden Carruth keeps with the emotional tempo of the universal themes of love, spiritual awareness, longing, wonder and awakening portrayed in Roger Housden’s collection of Ten Poems to Last a Lifetime. He advances the idea that to be truly human is to be at peace with self and nature. It is […]

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The Age of Spiritual Machines

Ray Kurzweil’s The Age Of Spiritual Machines is a commentary which looks into the instance of humanity’s existence alongside machines which, over the decades have grown to transcend more than intelligence and acquire, much as the title of the book connotes, a degree of spirituality, inherent to humans, and not generally attributed or associated with […]

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