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Ancient History – Sparta Questions

Every class in Spartan society had an important duty to perform in order for the state to maintain supremacy over their subjects. Accordingly, Spartan women had to create healthy babies for the Spartan state. They were given many privileges in order to aid in their accomplishment of this role. These privileges involved prominent social positions […]

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Spartan Women

In the ancient times, the women of the city-state of Sparta were admired by some because of their courage, discipline and their willingness to be subordinate to the state (Rhodes 165). However, others in the era, such as Aristotle, saw women as the culprit in bringing down this great society (Halsall). To understand Aristotle’s view, […]

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Laws of Lycurgus and the Spartan Society

Every explorer or Spartan society should bear in mind that Spartan own sources are unavailable for researchers, if they at all ever existed. Our ideas of Sparta as a ruthless totalitarian society that failed to contribute to Greek culture and philosophy rest mostly on the writings of the enemies of Sparta, like Athenians who have […]

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Understanding Fact from Fiction Regarding Sparta in Literary Sources

During most of the Archaic and Classical periods Sparta became an equally feared and dreaded state, which led to their eventual rise as the most powerful city in the Greek world. Despite the Spartans rise to power and glory it is extraordinarily difficult to write about the history of Sparta. The problem does not lie […]

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Spartan Military

From about the time of the Persian invasion until the Battle of Leuctra, Sparta was viewed as the powerhouse of the Greek city-states. There were numerous reasons behind their success, but there are few that stand out as the most prevalent. Spartan boys are born to be warriors, they are sent to the Agoge at […]

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Compare and Contrast Athens and Sparta

Athens and Sparta, two civilizations of equal power, yet unequal mindsets: their societal views caused these two great empires to face a divide unlike any other in history. Sparta, with their cold iron and colder hearts left enemies in ruin. Athens was intelligent, yet militaristically inferior to Sparta. Allies during the 1000 years war, the […]

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