Spanking Children: A Big Don’t

Spanking is not the right way to discipline children or to teach them the right things in life for several reasons. It causes psychological problems to children, it destroys the emotional bond between children and their parents and guardians and it is primarily a violent way of rearing a child. Spanking also does not teach […]

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How Spanking is Detrimental to Children

Spanking is defined as a form of corporal reprimand aimed at disciplining a child, an infant or a toddler. However, some cultures employ the same to teenagers and women as a retaliatory method. Most a times spanking results after a child shows poor mannerisms thus necessitating the parents, educators or guardians to strike them on […]

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Spanking a child as a form of discipline

I don’t think that spanking a child, as a form of discipline should be made illegal in U. S. Though it is inhuman to spank a child without a reason, spanking becomes necessary when a child is crossing the limits even after repeated verbal warnings by elders. Too much or no spanking is both detrimental […]

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Is It Right to Spank Your Children

Spanking is one of the disciplinary techniques, which has been used for centuries to control and correct the behavior of children. However, increasing number of incidents connected with violence toward children at home and at school, child abuse, etc. , led to increased public attention to the issue of spanking children. Recently, a great deal […]

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Should Parents Spank Their Children

If parents are not going to spank their children when their children are big and strong enough to physically overpower their parents, it seems to me that choosing to spank them when they are small is somewhat thoughtless, and perhaps even cowardly. I believe that every human being can be thoughtless and cowardly at times, […]

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