Space Shuttle life extension

1.1 Introduction. The NASA Space Shuttle has played a key role in space exploration.  It has enabled astronauts explore space and make different discoveries, most of which have been very beneficial to humans.  It is the only space vehicle used for multiple flights, and with the ability of moving out of orbit and entering the […]

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Space Race and Apollo

It was October of 1957, and the Cold War raged on. America had sworn to be the first country to launch and craft into space. Unfortunately, the USSR beat us and launched Sputnik. American leaders were afraid; all of a sudden there was an enemy satellite above our heads. The United States first attempt to […]

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Space exploration

Should governments spend millions on space exploration? Why? How do you see the future of space exploration? Space exploration is about studying the space, stars, planets and other celestial bodies. Investigation about the physical conditions of all these is carried out in space exploration. This is done through the use of artificial satellites, space probes […]

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