Culture and Politics in Southeast Asia

A number of modern Southeast Asian countries have a rich political history. The Philippines, for instance, is known for its political turmoil brought about by the numerous colonizers that sought to absorb the nation under the helm of the conquerors. Two of the conquering nations to tie down the Philippines are the United States of […]

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Southeast Asia: From Imperialism to Globalization

Today, Southeast Asia is seen as a hub for international business. The increasing emphasis on globalization and free trade between the western and eastern hemispheres is bearing a determinant impact on the outlook for such nations as Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Inclined by the success of nearby neighbors Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia, these have begun […]

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Southeast Asia

Although the different parts of Southeast Asia have some similarities in cultures and values, I only agree to a limited extend that Southeast Asia is a single geographical, historical and cultural unit. Unit, by the very definition of the word, refers to a single, complete and undivided whole. Southeast Asia therefore cannot be a single […]

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Southeast Asian History

“Accommodation has always been more effective than assimilation in managing the minority problem. ” How accurate is this assessment of independent SEA? Accommodation has been proven to be more effective than assimilation throughout the process of managing the minority population in Southeast Asia through its various successes. Accommodation recognises ethnic differences of minority communities through […]

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