Apartheid Rule Israel and South Africa

Apartheid is defined according to the Rome statute as inhumane acts that resemble other crime against humanity, which is committed in a well organised governed institutional regime. It is a well organised discrimination of one dominating race against other racial group or groups and committed purposely in order to maintain that regime.” The United Nations […]

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The South African transition

The South African transition from apartheid rule was hailed as one event that has defied the conventional political transitions of governments. The perceptible leaders of the transition to a democratic bourgeois state, such as Nelson Mandela acquired so much reputation and accolades from all corners of the world for ushering in a democratic regime amidst […]

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Overview of South Africa and Lesotho

Human beings are distinguished from others by having different cultures and ways of seeing and living life. In this written work we are going to make an effort to get closer to the character of two countries which belong to the African continent; which is the cradle of humanity, and the oldest inhabited territory on […]

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The Church’s Struggle Against Apartheid

When the National party was officially elected to parliament in 1948 they implemented a policy of Apartheid. Apartheid literally means apart, and was the separation of blacks and whites painstakingly and permanently. But we must also remember that the oppression of coloured persons living in South Africa did not start with the National party but […]

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Changing racial attitudes in Colonial and Apartheid South Africa

This piece explores the changing racial attitudes of the white communities of South Africa towards the ‘Coloureds’ and Blacks, between British take-over and independence. Race will be defined here as “a group descended from a common ancestor”1 This period is interesting as different “groups were brought into contact that had not had contact, or at […]

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South Africa Essay

In 1976, the South African government announced that half of the subjects studied in schools, including maths, geography and history would be taught in Afrikaans. Afrikaans was the language of the hated government and was of little use to the black population. It should have been taught in English, as only this language could be […]

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How far are the problems that exist in South Africa today

This essay is about the problems that are existent in South Africa today and how they are influenced by the past. I am going to look into whether hatreds are still as strong today or if they have changed. I am going to see if it is in fact the legacy of apartheid that has […]

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The aims, tactics and leaders of the opposition groups

The first anti-apartheid group listed is the ANC (the African National Congress). The ANC was formed in 1912 to defend freedom rights and privileges of all African people under the ‘Freedom Charter’ of 1955: multi racial, one adult one vote, socialist sympathies. Its prominent leaders were Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Oliver Tambo and Albert Lutuli. […]

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South Africa – Sharpeville

Source E is written by Humphrey Tyler and is about the events at Sharpeville later on the day. Source G is a photograph of the crowds fleeing at Sharpeville and is based at the same time as Source E. Source G was taken by Tyler’s photographer so the two sources share the same provenance. In […]

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Apartheid In South Africa Example #2

Before the 1994 elections many white South Africans were against giving up the white majority rule. This was mainly because whites were scared blacks would take revenge on them for all the years of hardship they’d been through under apartheid. Especially as the whites put apartheid in place. The whites feared that giving up the […]

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