Various Soil Types

Living things that live in the soil are responsible for soil composition and quality in a certain area. Some soils are very dark because they have a high manure content and very rich in nutrients while others are light and lack any nutrients. The soil composition is responsible for plant growth, erosion and water availability […]

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The Attacks on American Soil

The attacks on American soil on the 11th September stirred up the issue of security globally, and the role played by law enforcers. Security, law and justice departments experienced a shaking up and scrutiny by the public. Law enforcers made attempts to catch the culprits. In Dearborn Michigan, campaigns made helped law enforcers in doing […]

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Effects of Open Burning

Over industrialization and globalization, the economic growth has been evolving since a few decades ago. Majority of human now are exposed to the advance technologies and luxury of life. However, these scenarios do not indicate that life nowadays is much better than the olden days. Every year without fail, open burning occurs everywhere. Especially in […]

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Effects of Soil Calcification on Phosphorus Transformations and Availability to Crops

1. Introduction. The Everglades Agricultural Area (EAA) encompasses approximately 280000 hectares, extending from Lake Okeechobee south to the Broward County line. Most of the soils in this area are Histosols (soils that are composed mainly of organic materials). The principal crops are sugarcane and winter vegetables. Sod and rice are grown on a smaller scale, […]

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