Soft Drink Industry Case Study

Soft Drink Industry Case Study Table of Contents Introduction3 Description3 Segments 3 Caveats 4 Socio-Economic 4 Relevant Governmental or Environmental Factors, etc.4 Economic Indicators Relevant for this Industry 4 Threat of New Entrants 5 Economies of Scale5 Capital Requirements6 Proprietary Product Differences 7 Absolute Cost Advantage 8 Learning Curve 8 Access to Inputs 8 Proprietary […]

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Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew has been through many changes since it was introduced in 1942. It started out as a yellow-green drink in a green bottle that had a rush of citrus flavor and more sugar and caffeine than any other soft drink. During the introduction of Mountain Dew it was well known throughout the Eastern seaboard. […]

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Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc

This case describes the various aspects of carbonated soft drink industry and the focuses on Squirt’s annual advertising and promotion plan in 2001. Squirt is a brand under the Dr Pepper/Seven Up, inc. The brand manager was concerned about the market targeting and product positioning and consulted advertising agency, Foote, Cone & Belding. The case […]

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Pepsi versus Coke

The rivalry of Coca-cola and Pepsi is extremely widespread. In order to remain competitive in a two-person race it is important to analyze the way a company does business. This article gave a competitive analysis between Coke and Pepsi by looking at both the industry structure and at the individual competitors. As it looks at […]

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Up Case Analysis

Dr. Pepper/7-Up (DPSU) is the largest division of Cadbury Schweppes PLC, the world’s third largest soft drink company. The Squirt brand manager in 2001, Kate Cox, is working on the brand’s annual advertising and promotion plan (Kerin & Peterson, 2010). The main issue in developing a marketing strategy stems from the market targeting and product […]

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Soft Drink Industry

A soft drink is a non-alcoholic beverage typically containing water often carbonated water and a flavoring agent. Many of these beverages are sweetened by the addition of sugar or high fructose They may also contain ingredients such as caffeine and fruit juice. They are called “soft” in contrast to “hard drinks”that is, alcoholic beverages. Small […]

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