An investigation into the link between social class and health

I have decided to do my coursework on this title because I would like to investigate if there is difference or link in health between social classes and how a person’s social class affects their health. Social class is an open system of stratification consisting of broad groups of people who share a similar economic […]

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The view that health inequalities can be explained by lifestyle choices made by different social groups

During the last century the general consensus in the western world has regarded medical advancement as the main reason for improvements in society’s health. This media fuelled conception has led the public to believe that we are able to ‘control’ the human body and can predict mortality with healthy choices adopted from scientific research which […]

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How far sociologists would agree the usefulness of the OCS in measuring and understanding crime and deviance in society

In this essay, reasons as to why sociologists would, and wouldn’t agree that OCS is useful in understanding crime and deviance in society will be explored, leading to the essay question successful answered. There are many reasons in which sociologists would NOT agree the usefulness of the OCS in measuring and understanding crime and deviance. […]

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Sex generalisations and stereotypes

As early as 1847, women were described in terms of appearance rather than character traits or achievements, and this can be seen in Mr. Rochester’s description of Blanche Ingram in ‘Jane Eyre’ (1847); “a strapper, a real strapper, Jane: big, brown, and buxom.” This is a frequently used stereotypical view of women, and in my […]

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How the Results were obtained

Firstly the data was sorted in ascending order by the categories ‘male’ and ‘married’. This helped find where the boundaries for the four categories were. It was found that: * Single males lie between 3976-5664 * Married males lie between 5665-7641 * Single females lie between 1-1863 * Married females lie between 1864-3975 Using the […]

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How society and the agents of society have persuaded the world’s population to judge ourselves as lower than others

A major problem today is how society and the agents of society have persuaded the world’s population to judge ourselves as lower than others. Alicia Moore’s (Pink) song “Don’t Let Me Get Me” depicts this problem. The following paper describes the problem through socialization, family as an agent of socialization, gender, mass media, and roles. […]

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The Extent Of Choice In Contemporary Society Is Very Limited

Before I attempt to discuss the above statement I feel it is important to define what is meant by contemporary society. The term contemporary society may be defined as a group of interacting people who share a geographical region, a sense of common identity, and a common culture which belongs to the same period of […]

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Patriarchy in Nepal

A patriarchy is an ancient and far reaching social construct that, over the centuries has engrained itself deep within the structure of countless societies, and has served to diminish the worth and influence of females within social structures. A patriarchy is a social construct created by humans which centres authority on males, and gives sole […]

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Taste, Consumption and Social Class – the views of Bourdieu

Pierre Felix Bourdieu was a French sociologist. His investigations mainly focused on social, cultural and symbolic aspects of society. His work emphasized on concepts of habits, field and violence to reveal the strength of power relations in modern life. He opposed the western philosophy of tradition. Bourdieu explains the theory of class fractions by the […]

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Self and Society: Explain theories of Persuasion

Throughout decades psychologists have attempted to study the way in which others easily persuade individuals. Today the importance of understanding the power of persuasion is greater than ever, mainly because of the thousands of advertisements and commercials individuals are exposed to constantly. Persuasion has been defined as a human communication that is specifically designed to […]

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