Are Social Networks Messing with your Head

According to David Disalvo the writer of the article Are Social Networks Messing with your Head?, asserts thatvital privacy concerns are violated by online interactions and use social networks. Disalvo dismisses the millions of jobs attributed to Steve and online websites like Facebook, MySpace and Linkedln. The author emphasizes that loneliness is the main psychological […]

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Social Networks

Examine Facebook, another social media forum, or another internet gathering place, or another technological phenomenon that duplicates and impacts social interaction. Explain various aspects of participation in that community/technology via Hobbes, Benedict, Gladwell, and/or Gandhi.Affiliation networks are certainly not new – indeed, this terminology is prevalent in sociology, and a fundamental1974 paper, it appears to […]

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Social Networking Debate

Social networking has taken the online world by storm, but there are several reasons why social networking is bad. Whether you use sites such as Facebook, Myspace and Twitter for personal or business reasons, sometimes it is not best to use. Social networking online is a relatively new way for people to communicate, sell products […]

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