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Do Social Networking Sites Impede Communication

The usage of social networking sites Impede communication Social networking sites are a web-based system where people can share their personal Information and Identity through their online profile. People can easily access to every profile and each profile Is link to one another (Hawkins, 2012). There are several social networking sites which attracts millions of […]

Modern Technology

The same instrument used to make incisions necessary for surgery can also be used to stab someone to death. While the instrument is neutral, the way it is utilized determines whether it facilitates life or death. So it is with modern technology. The purpose of technology should be reserved for the advancement of civilization. Technology […]

Social Networking

Nowadays most people are obsessed with social networking sites and some of them are students. Some of them cannot afford to live or start their day without the social networking. The purpose of this study Is to shows how social networking site affects the daily interaction of people with their fellow men and to see […]

Social Networking Sites: Positive and Negative Impacts

Psychology of Social Networking Social media are websites and tools on the internet that enables people to communicate with friends and companies. It allows people to socialize online, form online communities based on common interests. All in all, to stay connected online. Social media takes on different forms including social networking sites that I will […]

Computer Software

In this 21st century, Computers are essential for every fields and industry around the world. A world without computers is hardly imaginable. Computer comes with software and hardware. Every physical components of computer such as speaker, mouse, keyboard, printer and monitor comes under the hardware whereas all programs and language used by the computer are […]

Social Networking

What is the quickest way to get in touch with someone? Texting, email, Facebook? To write a letter would be unheard of, even calling someone is outdated. Our new way of communicating is no longer talking one on one, or even speaking over the phone, it is now behind a computer screen or even by […]


Technology is a great way to stay entertained but it is disconnecting people. Our world today is becoming more and more attached to their technology. Facebook is one of the most popular sites in the world. Relationships are being built over Facebook and our phones. Keyboards and keypads are becoming the keys to our heart. […]

Social Network in the Society

Social network is a social structure made up of individuals or organizations which are connected by one or more specific types of interdependency, such as friendship, common interest, dislike, sexual relationship, knowledge or prestige. Logging on to social networking sites had been become inseparable for subscriber of Facebook, MySpace, etc. People of all age group […]

Philippines: The Social Networking Capital of the World

Social network analysis (related to network theory) has emerged as a key technique in modern sociology. It has also gained a significant following in anthropology, biology, communication studies, economics, geography, information science, organizational studies, social psychology, and sociolinguistics, and has become a popular topic of speculation and study. People have used the idea of “social […]

Briefly Describe How Pop Music and Music Distribution Has Changed over the Last Century

1. What are the different forms of social media that exist today? Provide examples of different social media and their primary purposes. There are many sites that we now use as ways of talking to others. Chat, IM (instant messaging) and email are one way that we can talk to friends and family that live […]

Social network service

As a new generation, most of us use high end technologies to make our work easier and faster. There are a lot of technologies now a day. And it help us in means of communication/business activities, computer is one of this. Computer is one of an example of high end technologies where, not only professionals […]

The Influence of Social Networking and Study Habit on Academic Performance

“Academic performance” is not a concept that is new, many social scientist and researchers alike have defined academic performance in various ways. Bruce Tuckman (1975) asserts that performance is used to label the observable manifestations of knowledge, skill, concepts, and understanding and idea. So performance is the application of a learning product that at the […]

Ethical Issues with Social Media

People are increasingly sharing their lives online through social networking sites with little concern for who may be viewing their information. This has become an issue in current times and is up for debate based on the ethical issues associated with Social Media. People don’t realize joining a social network is like joining a community. […]

Script for La Speech on Misuse of the Social Network

Good Afternoon Miss Chee and fellow friends. I am Natalie and the social issue that I will be sharing on today, will be the Misuse of the Social Network. I am sure we all use some form of social networks in our daily lives, which includes the use of blogs, our beloved Facebook, twitter, tumblr […]

The Effects of Social Networking

People all over the world seem to be connected more than ever. This is easily done through social networking sites, whether there chatting away in a laptop, iPad, or smart phone. Many individuals spend countless of hours in these sites daily. Though it possess some advantages individuals must be cautious when using these sites. Social […]

Facebook vs Myspace

Facebook and MySpace are amongst the popular social networks on the Internet today aside from email networks like Microsoft and Yahoo. Facebook and MySpace may be similar to each other but they do have their differences. There are some people that prefer one over the other while others have accounts on both sites because of […]

Online Social Networks

It is part of human nature to mingle with people and develop networks within their family, friends and other people as part of the immediate and extended society. Social networking is even more heightened because of the Internet. It has already become a culture especially among young people. The Internet provides online social networking sites […]

Online Social Networking

Social net workings are the connections and relationships made by individuals on various platforms where they are able to share information with each other. The information shared varies from professional to personal. One such popular platform is the internet. The creation of online social networking sites (OSNs) such as Facebook, My Space, and Twitter has […]

Role of Nursing Informatics Today

Growing up in a competitive world made me the diligent being that I am today. However, at those times I had to do a research on some school topics assigned by my elementary teacher, I’d still have to dig books on our school library and had it photocopied at the local circulation center. All the […]

The Social Network Reflection Paper

I really appreciate and admire such a talented and intellectual person like Mark Zuckerberg. He has made an influential change of the whole world because Facebook is no longer a simple social networking website, it involves many aspects of our daily lives. For example, our friends post some important information only on Facebook because they […]

Addiction with Online Communities

The amount of online communities along with users is on the rise. They are used to IM, blog, track people, live virtual lives and many other things. Is all this really necessary on an everyday basis? While some may disagree, others including Theodora Stites believe they are necessary. In her article “Someone to Watch Over […]

Impact of Business Marketing Through Advertising in Social Media

Developing a marketing plan to exploit online social networks, tools, and applications can be a challenge for marketers. Social media is a new field that offers very diverse promotional options and capabilities. Additionally, coming up with a social media promotional concept shouldn’t try to make an impression with the younger generation’s flow of media but […]

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