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Social Networking Short

Nowadays most people are obsessed with social networking sites and some of them are students. Some of them cannot afford to live or start their day without the social networking. The purpose of this study Is to shows how social networking site affects the daily interaction of people with their fellow men and to see […]

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Social Networking Sites: Positive and Negative Impacts

Psychology of Social Networking Social media are websites and tools on the internet that enables people to communicate with friends and companies. It allows people to socialize online, form online communities based on common interests. All in all, to stay connected online. Social media takes on different forms including social networking sites that I will […]

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Script for La Speech on Misuse of the Social Network

Good Afternoon Miss Chee and fellow friends. I am Natalie and the social issue that I will be sharing on today, will be the Misuse of the Social Network. I am sure we all use some form of social networks in our daily lives, which includes the use of blogs, our beloved Facebook, twitter, tumblr […]

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Facebook vs Myspace

Facebook and MySpace are amongst the popular social networks on the Internet today aside from email networks like Microsoft and Yahoo. Facebook and MySpace may be similar to each other but they do have their differences. There are some people that prefer one over the other while others have accounts on both sites because of […]

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The Social Network Reflection Paper

I really appreciate and admire such a talented and intellectual person like Mark Zuckerberg. He has made an influential change of the whole world because Facebook is no longer a simple social networking website, it involves many aspects of our daily lives. For example, our friends post some important information only on Facebook because they […]

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Dangers of Mmorpgs and Social Media

Mmorpgs have become a huge entertainment phenomenon. These Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games have become an everyday life for many humans around the nation. But are Mmorpgs healthy? Many people may say that these online role playing games help make friends over the internet and others believe that the games may not. Some say […]

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