Social Class and Education

‘Working class boys in particular are underachieving, while girls from poorer backgrounds are grasping the opportunities.’ – Julie Henry; The TelegraphIn my study, I will aim to find out the factors that cause underachievement.I will aim to use sociologists that approach the problem differently, to help understand and find an answer to causes and importance […]

Sociology of Education

According to National Statistics online, there is a clear correlation between social class status and educational success or failure. The above graph shows that parental and family circumstances impact upon GCSE attainment. In 2002, 77 per cent of children in year 11 in England and Wales with parents in higher professional occupations gained five or […]


Bourgeoisie * a social class that owns the means of production in a capitalist society. * the core of the modern bourgeoisie is industrial bourgeoisie, which obtains income by hiring workers to put in motion their capital, which is to say, their means of production – machines, tools, raw material, etc. * other bourgeois sectors […]

Dignity of Labour Comp

‘Work is worship’ is one of the truest proverbs. The idea contained in the saying is this that all labour, manual or otherwise, is full of dignity and nobility. It equals work with prayer. It emphasizes the point that empty verbal prayers are not as valuable as real achievement in any fields. Many people in […]

Social Structure in the Victorian Era

In the context of work being performed in the Victorian Era, social classes performed different tasks. The working class performed the most tedious work of them all, which is physical labor. This includes servitude to the upper classes, doing kitchen work, cleaning, and farming. They have meager earnings despite all the hard work they perform. […]

American Social Hierarchy

The phrase, “social class”, is a sore point in various parts of the American body: talking about it or merely even referring to its existence is almost a taboo for some. For a country that believes in democracy—with its core ideas of fraternity, liberty and equality—social class is a concept that many choose to ignore […]

Social Classes in European Society

Although it could be argued that Europeans in middle and working classes now share many of the same social, economic and political goals, I do not agree that this has resulted in a diffusion of the classes. Authors such as Giddens have argued that these once prevalent social class discriminations are waning . While I […]

Social Class

Classes came into being when legal differences of an estate system were abolished; classes thus symbolize a system of residual inequalities. Caste and estate systems are based on tenets that rationalize existing inequalities. Caste has its religious foundations; estate systems have been justified by a great diversity of philosophical theories and sometimes also on religious […]

Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting is an unusual character portrait of a self-taught genius named Will Hunting, who grew up as an orphan in South Boston, suffered abuse at the hands of his foster father and engaged in gang violence because of his rough upbringing as a child. Will is a mathematical genius with a photographic memory […]

Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich

Barbara Ehrenreich began her research to explore how people attempting to move from welfare to work are managing—if at all. This exploration also extended to those who are apart of the working class and having not been on welfare. Attempting to place herself in the position of her subjects, Ehrenreich strived to see if she […]

Social Class in Jane Austen

Throughout this essay , I will be looking at the theme of social class in Jane Austen’s work ; critically analysed by Juliet McMaster, a chapter taken from ‘The Cambridge Companion to Jane Austen’, edited by Edward Copeland and Juliet McMaster. Jane Austen’s novels at first glance tell a story of romance, set within the […]

War Is Health of State Single Souce

Howard Zinn argues that American capitalism, through international rivalry caused by the Great War, caused big breaches between the power of big business and the voice of the working class to determine the stance of participation in the war. Zinn therefore recollects numerous tactics throughout that time, such as the Espionage Act of 1917 which […]

Victorian Social Class in Middlemarch and North and South

The Victorian period is one of the most popular eras studied and is well known for many things; from fashion to inventions, to the Industrial revolution to their education. Despite how much people like to think that they differ from them drastically, so much of our modern society depends on what they first created and […]

The Effect of Class on Upward Mobility in Society

Class is a touchy subject in the society that we live in today; no one ever really feels comfortable talking about it for fear of judgment from others. However, it is one of the most important aspects in the way everyone inhabits this society, especially in the sense of an individual’s upward mobility in society. […]

Social Class

Social class background has a powerful influence on a child’s chances of success in the education system. Children from middle-class families on average perform better than children from working-class families and the gap between middle and working class educational achievement gets bigger as children get older. Internal factors, also known as school factors, these are […]

Prejudice on the Basis of Social Class in China

Classism refers to prejudice on the basis of social class. It includes individual attitudes and behaviors, which systems of policies are set up to benefit the upper classes at the expense of the lower classes. Ying, who was born in a rich Chinese family, fell in love with an orphan named Larry. Ying’s parents criticized […]

Assess the View That the Education System Serves to Maintain the Capitalist System

The Marxists believe that capitalism involves two classes the bourgeoisie (ruling class) and the proletariat (working class). They say that the ruling class exploit the working class for profit. Marxists say that education maintains the capitalist system by giving children the skills they need for work, justifying inequality and by passing on ruling class ideology […]

Social Class Example #2

Although, many people in today’s society would like to believe social class doesn’t affect them in life, it is indeed true that there are many different factors that shape people to be in social class. People are grouped by different factors such as, education, residence, and health conditions. Even though, there are many others aspects […]

Ways of the World Answers

Bourgeoisie: Term that Karl Marx used to describe the owners of industrial capital; originally meant “townspeople. ” British Royal Society: Association of scientists established in England in 1660 that was dedicated to the promotion of “useful knowledge. ” Caste War of Yucatan: Long revolutionary struggle (1847–1901) of the Maya people of Mexico against European and […]

Social Class

Social Class is a group of people with similar status. It describes one form of social classes. The inequalities refers to the existence of socially created inequalities such as; Health, education, housing and jobs. Social stratification refers to the existence of distinct social groups which is ranked in terms of wealth. Social mobility in the […]

Social Class

There was a time in society when there were clear lines between the upper class, middle class, and the working (or lower class). Today, those lines are blurred more than they used to be. This is giving most Americans the false hope that class has disappeared and the playing field is finally level. Although in […]

Zinn Chapter 3: Person’s of a Mean and Vile Condition

Zinn shares his thoughts on the classism carried over to America. Zinn unsurprisingly sides with the poor people who traveled to America out of sheer desperation. Zinn’s main point seems to be that the nation of the U. S. was built on the backs of all the people who were taken advantage of: the poor, […]

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