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The United Nations: Conflict and Negotiation In the Global Community

The United Nations (UN), (1) like its precursor the League of Nations, was established after a devastating World War in order to promote cooperation, peace, and security among countries. UN members are sovereign nations – the organization is not a world government and does not make laws. On October 24, 1945 the UN officially came […]

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Understand ways to overcome barriers in a health and social care environment

There are different ranges of environmental factors which impact the communication but also the interaction within the health and social care environment. Most of the factors are usually experienced through everyday life but most of these factors are usually taken for granted.Positive and negative influence on communication:1. The support of effective or the success its […]

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Health, Safety and Security in Health and Social Care

Practitioners should check regularly that objects and equipment are safe or broken such as checking for wear and tear e.g.: rust and fraying toys. Equipment should be checked that they are clean and dry before children start to play on them such as climbing frames and slides this could be a hazard when used wet […]

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Equality diversity and rights in health and social care

In a health and social care environment equality diversity and rights are essential to ensure everyone is prune to having rights and has the right to be treated equally no matter their race age or sex and also to be accepted and respected.DiversityThe concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect. It means understanding that each […]

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The contribution of psychological perspectives to the promotion of good practice

For this assignment, I will be describing the contribution of psychological perspectives to the promotion of good practice in residential care services and also evaluate the contribution of psychological perspectives in terms of informing and influencing the health and social care sectors. As individuals we all have significant roles and norms, which are expected from […]

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Hazards and Legislation health and social care

In this assignment I will be looking at potential hazards and harms that can be found in a health and care setting. I will also be investigating how legislation, policies and procedures relate to health, safety and security and in what way they influence health and social care. I will be explaining how legislation, policies […]

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Discuss the characteristics and causes of one type of challenging behaviour

ADHD is a common disease which is also known as ‘Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder’, it is when a user craves attention and decides to act up on it for example having random outbursts in a public area. Users who suffer from ADHD will normally get noticed at a young age because the parents would realise […]

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Complementary therapies that are available for users of health and social care services

Reflexology is a therapy which would include all the different parts of the person being pressed. Reflexology would not be used to cure a disorder although many people would undergo reflexology because they feel relieve from their disorder. These conditions include: anxiety, asthma, cancer treatments, diabetes, headaches, cardiovascular issues and kidney functions. This therapy would […]

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