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Snowboarding – The History of The Sport

When considering the history of Snowboarding, there are rather conflicting reports available with respect to the individual who has been responsible for the creation of the first ever snowboard. There are claims available that state that M.J. Jack Burchett was the first who was responsible for the creation of snowboards and he did so in […]

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Will Slopestyle Snowboarding be in the 2014 Olympics?

After snowboarding’s record-setting viewership during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, advocates of the sport are taking advantage of this opportunity to push for inclusion of new snowboarding-related events, including Slopestyle and Team SBX, at the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. In Slopestyle snowboarding, participants barrel down a steep hill that includes a series of high […]

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Snow Boarding Styles – The Various Ways To Enjoy Snowboarding

Snow boarding is a sport which involves the retarding motion on the slope covered with snow mainly mountains by the means of snowboard attached to the riders foot wearing special type of heavy boots. These boots are especially made for snow boarding to make sure the comfort level of the riders. It was discovered in […]

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Snowboarders to Get World Snowboarding Championships Beginning Next Year

The Ticket to Ride (TTR) World Snowboard Tour, the grassroots, snowboarder-controlled organization that organizes worldwide snowboarding competitions, has announced the creation of the World Snowboarding Championships, to get started during the 2011/2012 snowboarding season. The freestyle-focused boarding event will host men’s and women’s halfpipe and slopestyle events for the first championship, with more styles of […]

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Snowboarding – The Selection of Appropriate Clothing

The extent to which you will be enjoying the sport of snowboarding is largely dependent on your ability to keep yourself warm. Therefore, one of the most important requirements is that you should always select the kind of snowboard clothing that is capable of absorbing the moisture and at the same time, the clothing should […]

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Styles of Snowboarding

Several styles of snowboarding have been developed since the times it was first accepted. Each of these styles requires specialized technique and equipment. The common styles that exist for snowboarding include freestyle, freeride, race and freecarve. The use of these styles is made for both professional as well as recreational form of snowboarding. There is […]

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Guide For Beginners In Snowboarding

Are you looking up for a hobby, which won’t let you down as time passes by? The answer to this question is none other than Snowboarding, which is a breathtaking and fun packed in one. Year after year, there has been a steep rise among the population taking up this trendy game and there are […]

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Destinations For Snow Boarding

Are you a snow boarder with a deep passion? Then you should know all these excellent locations around the world. If not, then learn about these places in this article. Try to pay a visit to these best snowboarding locations. If you fail, then you are going to be the ultimate loser for not having […]

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Snow Boarding – Popular Game Evolved From Online Gaming

Today, the current generation is enjoying every bit of classy snow boarding games played on their computer and there are plenty of PC games to keep the people interested. They enjoy being part of the imaginary world of snow boarding. However, this format of gaming has received criticism of creating a restricting atmosphere for students […]

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Snowboarding Style for This Winter

For anyone new to the scene, it may be too easy to assume that snowboarding fashion mainly consists of slight variations on the classic ski-related clothing items. But nothing could be further from the truth. In both sports there is obviously an emphasis on warmth—with items like hats, jackets, snow pants, and goggles—but snowboarders have […]

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