Sleep disorders

Sleep Disorders Child Sleep Disorders: Is Your Child at Risk? Recent research has proven that children just are not getting the sleep they need these days. Kids today seem to be doing poorer in school and have less attention spans. Most parents are not aware of a common problem effecting thousands of children in this […]

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Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome

Informative Speech Informative Speech OutlineDelayed Sleep Phase Syndrome Narrowed Topic: Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (DSPS) Specific Goal: To inform the audience of a common sleep disorder. Thesis Statement: To inform the audience of the symptoms, the causes, & treatments related to Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome. Introduction: Wake up, America! Most of you are not getting […]

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Sleep and Dreams as Central Themes in A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is widely regarded as Shakespeare’s master play in the genre of comedy. Centered on the classical plot of the quarrel between pairs of lovers solved by the supernatural intervention, this play presents a typically Renaissance understanding of the interrelationship between the human and the natural world, the latter embodied by capricious […]

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The Molecular Biology of Sleep Apnea

Sleep to humans is what the sun is to solar cells. A good eight hour sleep can leave us refreshed and ready to take on a new day. I used to take ‘sleep’ and being able to sleep effortlessly for granted until I came across the problem my husband was suffering. He has “sleep apnea” […]

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Sleep can be defined at a time when the mind and body rest and normally the eyes are closed. During this period when one is asleep, a person becomes unconscious and may not be aware of what is happening around him. Sleep is important, because it is something that is natural and trying to reverse […]

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Functinos Of Sleep

In today’s society sleep is absolutely vital, especially considering that our generation gets less sleep than other generations. We’ve added about 158 hours to our year of working time, this is equivalent to a month. Alongside this young mothers with children have an extra 241 from as early as the 1960s plus the British work […]

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Sleeping Habit

Humans are active during the day and inactive at night. Sleep is one of the major requirements of an individual’s growth. There are many reasons our bodies need sleep. Sleep is our bodies’ way of rejuvenating. It is the period in which we lower the energy levels expelled each day, our muscles and soft tissue […]

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Night Terrors, Insomnia

Night terrors, also known as ???sleep terrors,??? are episodes of agitation in the middle of the night. Night terrors are most common among toddlers and younger children. Most forms of night terrors are sleepwalking and sleep talking. When a child has a night terror, he or she can be awakened from it only with difficulty, […]

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Sleep Deprivation, Disorders, and Drugs

When it comes to a situation in which I did not get enough sleep, with going to school and working full time and having children there are many situations where I did not get enough sleep. The situation I chose out of all of them was not that long ago. I wake up at 6:00 […]

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Sleep Deprivation Effect in Academics

A lot of us have trouble getting enough sleep from course works but we must remember that sleep is an important activity in our lives. Some of us deprive ourselves with sleep for various reasons. While some of us spend nights on extra-curricular activities or just for mere enjoyment, some couldn’t get away with the […]

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