Contract Negotiation Skills

Introduction Negotiation is a state of affairs whereby different parties to an argument are involved in consensus building. For instance, in commerce, negotiation occurs between a bank and the client over the advancement of a loan. In this regard, therefore, contract negotiation is the entering into a written agreement either in person or as a […]

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Managerial Skills

Purpose This research paper aims at examining the importance of administrative skills, human skills, technical skills and citizenship behavior which are necessary for predicting the effectiveness of managers. It also aims at finding whether these skill dimensions vary depending on the gender or organizational level. Introduction Human resources are regarded as important assets and especially […]

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Management and Organizational Skills

Introduction It is the first and foremost, it is crucial to define who a leader is and what leadership means. A leader is a person who leads the others. The leader has to have his vision and drive or the commitment that will enable him to pursue and achieve that vision. Similarly, leadership is whereby […]

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Leadership Skills

Leadership is the practice of influencing a group of people towards achieving a common goal. A leader is an individual who has decisive management skills to positively motivate a group to a more consistent and articulate way. To acquire positive leadership, a good leader is required to steer an organization towards accomplishment of set objectives […]

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Leadership Effectiveness Skills

This is one of the most vital levels of the management development programme as it involves aspects such as the definition of a leader, the secrets of an effective leader, the recognition of effective leadership styles and the leadership communication. In effective leadership, the programme consists of aspects such as the building and motivating a […]

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Information Technology Project Management Skills

Information technology project managers need to have a wide variety of skills. They should be able to decide which particular skills are more important in different situations while heading information technology projects. Schwalbe (2010) noted that project managers particularly those managing information technology projects must be able to make effective use of technology as it […]

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Communication Skills for Career Development

During the course of my study I have learnt that good communication skills are very important in getting a job, especially graduate job. Every business has both internal and external stakeholders all of whom interact only through communication. Therefore being to communicate with various people is an essential requirement during job advertisement. Employers look for […]

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Critical Analysis Skills for Management

As a laundry worker, there are five critical knowledge, skill, and abilities that can be identified as; knowledge of handling a washer/dryer machine, knowledge of basic math skills to properly measure expected amount of liquids to the washing machine, the ability to learn certain skills when folding clothes, knowledge of using a hand or electric […]

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Criticalthink Skills

Problem Solving Critical Thinking Critical Reasoning Applied Reasoning Problem Solving Designed to assess ability to analyze numerical and graphical information in real life tuitions, evaluate possible reasons for unexpected variations Recognize, extract and use relevant data in order to find new information or derive informed solutions, conclusions or decisions Uses skills such as data handling, […]

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Study Skills for the Digital Environment

This report is an assessment on myself. It will cover my development in each of the seven common skills that have been covered in the academic year. Over the course of the year several tasks have been set in order to improve these skills and to aid studies in other subjects. In this report, each […]

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