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Even saying the word and some of the uninformed may still hold the belief that it is located “somewhere in China,” knowing only where it is approximately. Yet this vibrant, newly industrialized city-state is in fact located close to the equator and is often overlooked on the world map; not surprising, considering it is only […]

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How did rubber and tin in the Malay States affect the Singapore economy in its global dimensions

Singapore thrives on its strategic geographical location where lying at the crossroads of main shipping lines, it is one crucial factor that turned it into one of the world’s greatest commercial centre. Other contributory factors such as a strong and stable government, good infrastructure and a transparent legal system could perhaps be traced back to […]

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To what extent are the recent tax changes announced by the Singapore Government justified

The recent tax changes mentioned in the title refer to the Singapore government increasing Goods and Service Tax (GST) by 1%, from 3% to 4%, starting from January 1st 2003, as well as reducing personal and corporate income taxes. The effects of these changes vary depending on which view we take when looking at these […]

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The socio-economic impacts of globalization on Singapore Report

a) Powered by advances in telecommunications, transportation and finance, globalization empowers consumers to purchase the best the world has to offer and gives producers the tools to find buyers anywhere. This will mostly benefit the white collared workers more as they will have the spending power to take advantage of this. Technology will also be […]

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The socio-economic impacts of globalization on Singapore

1a. Why is Singapore attractive as a location for new factories owned by foreign companies This is because firstly Singapore have exceptional infrastructure in communication and transportation. Singapore has the world’s busiest port with efficient cargo and container handling and the airport Changi International Airport has the most air-links in the Asia-Pacific region. Singapore has […]

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Provide an insight of the current banking scene in Singapore

The objective of this report is to provide an insight of the current banking scene in Singapore, which has undergone various changes over the last few years. This report also includes proposed market strategies to be adopted by the management at present or in the near future so as to enable it to capture a […]

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Is Singapore’s present political system compatible

When Singapore separated from the Federation of Malaya and gained its independence on August 9th 1965, the People’s Action Party (PAP) government then, under the leadership of Lee Kuan Yew, faced an overwhelming task of ensuring economic survival. This was under the conditions of no natural resources, lack of manpower and the loss of access […]

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The Socio-Economic Impact of the Haze in Singapore

Since 1997, during the annual June to October period, South East Asia would be shrouded in a blanket of haze and smoke, Singapore is no exception. The haze is a recurring annual problem in South East Asia caused by forest fires raging in Indonesia due to the local farmers’ “Slash and Burn” method of clearing […]

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Economic of Singapore

This assignment is the economic performance analysis of the country “Singapore” during the year 2005-2014. Geographically, Singapore is an island country in Southeast Asia and located at the tip of the Malay Peninsula that has a population of 5. 61 million. However, either it is a small country or there are no natural resources but […]

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Singapore could be an alternative for your vacation due to many fun tourist attractions In this country. Singapore has been recorded among foreign tourists as an attractive tourist destination. Singapore has a well-developed tourism industry, as a cosmopolitan city that highlight racial and cultural harmony. Cultural dfferences reflect a rich colonial history and the ethnic […]

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