Since 1973, one of the most polarized issues in Am

erican Politics and around the world remains to be induced abortions. The concept of aborting a pregnancy is nothing new to Americans; some pregnancies are aborted naturally, but not since the landmark trial Roe v. Wade has the debate become so personal. This paper discusses the legal history of abortion in America, the medical procedures […]

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Cigarette filter as glue

Nowadays, we are encountering severe floods that lead to electrical power shut down. So we have come up to an applied research which is entitled “The Feasibility of Making a Mechanical Generator through the impact of rain water” that can help each one of us. Our materials were examined to measure its ability to provide […]

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Since the dawn of civilization

Since the dawn of civilization, man has always strived towards making his life much better and convenient. From the invention of the wheel to the manufacturing of aero planes, man has made his advancements with the passing of time. One thing however did not change and that is his will to destroy his own good.

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American Political Systems Since 1877

Since the end of Reconstruction, the American political system has demonstrated its ability to adapt to changing domestic and foreign policy requirements. Indeed, in the years directly following Reconstruction, attention was necessarily focused on domestic matters.

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Airfreight cost is cheaper than other ways of transporting goods

With the growing competition among companies in the different industries, an efficient operation is essential for firms to offer quality goods and services at competitive prices.[1]

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The Federal Trade Commission

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), in the Do-Not-Call Improvement Act of 2007, was given the responsibility of maintaining the accuracy of the Do Not Call Registry through validating phone numbers.

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Dove’s Campaign For Real Beauty: Effective?

Dove is a fast-moving consumer personal care brand owned by an international conglomerate Unilever. The first product for Dove was a formulated bar soap in 1940.

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The basic tenants of Von Clausewitz’s

The idea of a center of gravity (COG) concept as it relates to military strategy is applicable to areas outside of air-power capacity, and, in fact, draws its roots not from comparative studies of air-campaigns, but from the Prussian military strategist Carl Von Clausewitz. For many decades, military strategists have “struggled both to understand the[…] […]

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Admission Essay

When I was young I was fascinated by doctors, I always thought of them as angels because apart from them being always in white, I also believed only angels had the powers to perform the miracles that they did.

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Telecommunications Reform Act

In this age of information, telecommunication has been placed in an increasingly ‘high’ place. As information retrieval and intelligence activities become more crucial in sustaining and developing businesses, rights regarding telecommunication have also become more important in nature.

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