Scarlet Letter – Dangers of Hidden Sin

Sin is something society has had to deal with since mankind has known evil. In most circumstances, the sin only becomes a problem when it is kept within and manifests into something larger than it was in the first place. Keeping secrets is a detriment to ones life, which in a larger picture affects a […]

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Scarlet letter, sin in

It is often taught that the worst part of sin is not the sin itself but rather the effects of that sin on not only the sinner but also all the people around the sinner. That is why the important lesson in The Scarlet Letter is not about the sin committed by Hester Prynne and […]

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The Guilt of Sin

“”The Scarlet LetterIn the book, The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne the setting is in the 1600’s in Boston. The town is set in a Puritan society where religion is life. The story deals with the sin of adultery and the two perpetrators of this sin. The two adulterers, Hester Prynne and the Reverend Arthur […]

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Sins and Its Effects on Human Race

God created a very beautiful place for everything that He created, especially humans. Though beasts and animals roamed the earth, they never harmed humans. Trees and flowers and mountains are everywhere. And as such, happiness in the world was the only existing emotion present. But all of these disappeared when Adam and Eve disobeyed God. […]

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