Silk Road

Importance of Silk Roads and Sea Routes In the Intercultural Perspective

In the early thirteenth century, thousand of years before the conquest of Eurasia by the Mongols, a deep cultural, social, political and economic relations between East and West took more profound shape through the establishment of Silk Road and sea routes across Central Asia. At the onset of first century between C. E. and B. […]

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The origin of Silk Road

Baron Ferdinand Von Richthofen a German geographer coined the term “Silk Road” in 1877. Silk road is regarded as the greatest route that was linking China with central and southern Asia and India. Zhang Qian a renowned explorer and diplomat was the first to travel this route when he was sent to establish diplomatic relations […]

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Silk Road – College Essay

Time has the ability to change many things, but many also stay the same. This holds true for the interactions along the Silk Road from 200 B.C.E to 1450 C.E. Although the similarities may outweigh the changes, the silk road diffused disease along with culture, adapted to overseas trade, helped to forge a connection between […]

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Silk Road – College Essay

From 200 B. C. E. and 1450 C. E. , the Silk Road changed, while at the same time holding on to its original purpose. The trade of spices and goods, to and from, Asia and Europe remained constant, while the materials being traded slowly changed. The political boundaries as well as the national identities […]

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Silk Road Change and Continuity Over Time

The Silk Road began in eastern Asia around 200 B. C. E. From there, it expanded and flourished over the next few centuries until it became outdated and fell to trade by sea. Stretching from China to parts of Western Europe, it was the most important trade route of its time. The economic system, goods […]

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