Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

The British established a colony at Freetown in 1787 for slaves returning to Africa from Great Britain and the United States and for slaves rescued from shipwrecks. The land of original settlement, where the city later developed, was purchased from local chiefs. The Sierra Leone Company, formed in 1791, administered the settlement until 1808, when […]

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Conflict Diamonds in Sierra Leone: The International Response

Introduction The war activities in Sierra Leone are allegedly being supported by diamond sales in Europe. Consequently, this led to the emergence of significant concerns from the international bodies and member countries falling under the statute of United Nations to foster for a lasting solution to the Sierra Leone problem. As a result, the United […]

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Psychological effects on Child Soldiers in Sierra Leone

Broad History: The Sierra Leone Civil War began in 1991 and lasted eleven years, leaving over 50,000 people dead. It started when the RUF (Revolutionary United Front) began taking over territories all over the country that were rich in diamonds. It is estimated that 11,000 child soldiers were recruited and, most often, forced into joining […]

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Survival Essay

Have you ever been in the Situation where you’re fighting for survival? People sometimes have to go through great lengths and do things they would never when fighting trying to survive through a near death situation. We humans carry a spirit with in us that inspires us to always go on. Ishmael Beah had to […]

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Sierra Leone: Demobilization of Child Soldiers

I-Introduction Throughout Africa, Southern Europe, and the Middle East, armed conflicts, civil war, and ethnic hatred have resulted in large scale fatalities, thereby creating displacement for the mass population.  When parents face relocation and unemployment, children suffer even further as they are deprived of their basic needs such as schools, and home. With regards to […]

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