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The diagnoses of a sociopath or psychopath is very difficult and has to meet several criteria in order to get that diagnoses. Diagnoses as explained in Caring for the Mind is based on ” a pervasive pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of others, occurring since the age of fifteen, as indicated […]

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Review of a review

Mark Caro seems to let one flaw ruin an entire movie. In his review of “Unbreakable” Caro admits that the duration of the film is commendable, but its ending is too disappointing to look past. He begins by comparing “Unbreakable” to the highly acclaimed “The Sixth Sense”. By saying that “The Sixth Sense” viewers will […]

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Quebec Winter Carnival

Quebec City held its first winter carnival in 1894. It was an elaborate celebration that provided people with relief from the cold harsh winter. In the sixty years that followed these winter carnivals were organized periodically. It wasn’t until 1955 that a group of local businessmen decided that an annual carnival would be a good […]

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Phoenix Jackson By Eudora Welty

Phoenix Rises From the Ashes When asked by a white hunter ” Doesnt the gun scare you?” while having it pointed at her, Phoenix Jackson, of Eudora Weltys “A Worn Path”, replies “No, sir. I seen plenty go off closer by, in my day, and for less than what I done,” This is an example […]

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Polymers are large molecules composed of smaller molecules called monomers. Monomers are produced and either grow together or are assembled to produce a single polymer. There are synthetic and natural polymers. Some examples of natural polymers would be wood, starches, fingernails, and hair. Synthetic polymers are usually referred to as plastics. Petroleum, is the primary […]

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SLAVERY WHAT IS GOING ON? Lets see here, how should I begin? Slavery is wrong. Yes a lot of people support it but very few want to speak out about it. Slaves were defined as “things”, and could be bought, sold, traded, given as gifts or pledged for debt by their owners. Some slaves even […]

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The Mockingbird

This is the third in the series of Kurt Austin novels coauthored by Cussler and Kemprecos. Austin is a larger-than-life hero in the mold of Dirk Pitt, the central character of more than a dozen novels authored by Cussler alone. His latest adventure includes such good stuff as tidal waves, a mad Russian mining tycoon […]

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classical music

At the age of thirteen, my life was greatly altered from an unexpected source, classical music. During the coarse of one day in 1995, I forever changed how I view the world of classical music. I found my mothers Classical Hits CD and proceeded to listen to it out of curiosity. Noticing the depth of […]

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Music Censorship

Music today comes in more forms and is used more frequently then anytime in our history. As in many years past it is available on the radio, tape, compact disk and is digitally encoded on microchips. One particularly strong use of music is used in advertising and movies. Therefore, it is obvious that music can […]

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Philosophy Of Composition

Poes Composition of the RavenEdgar Allen Poe describes in great detail, his poem The Raven, in The Philosophy of Composition. Never before had I been able to read a poet describe in his own philosophy of making a poem. Poe goes in deep context and meaning to how he derives the story line to his […]

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How would you Describe a Leader and Leadership

A significant part of effective leadership is the close connection between the leader and the follower, which often determines the success of the leader’s mission. Unfortunately, this leader-follower relationship cannot be created according to some simple formula. Young leaders of today face special challenges as they try to communicate and interact with their followers and […]

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To take english 1301 or not to take it

Not to take English 1301 or to take English 1301 This was an immortal question, taking English 1301 was a momentous decision to make for a young college student named Mike. In fact, it has been one of the hardest decisions he had made in his life next to deciding to return to college or […]

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The True Ending

The True EndingThis is the actual ending to Romeo and Juliet. It wasnt a happy love story like you might have thought. No it was a horrible tragedy that didnt really make sense but happened any way. The truth is that only Romeo and Juliet survive, well sort of. The story starts off at night […]

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Crop Circles

Crop Circles have been found throughout the whole country. Theyare one of the most intriguing things that I have read and researched. Therehave also been many shows that I have watched that have been very interesting. The first recent evidence of a crop circle was in 1966 in Tully England. The circles themselves ranged from […]

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The novel begins at Oran where the plague becomes

known. The maincharacter, Dr. Gernard Rieux, is a doctor. In the beginning of the story he finds a dead rat on the floor. Even in those times rats were not found dead on the middle of the floor. This was unusual, but he threw out the rat and forgot about it. Eventually the dead rats […]

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Battle Of Shiloh

BATTLE OF SHILOHAs a result of the fall of Forts Henry and Donelson, Confederate Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston, the commander in the area, was forced to fall back, giving up Kentucky and much of West and Middle Tennessee. He chose Corinth, Mississippi, a major transportation center, as the staging area for an offensive against Maj. […]

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How to build a person

I read how to build a person by Justin Lieber. Justin Lieber is a professor at the University of Houston, whom also writes science fiction. This selection, which was taken from his novel Beyond Rejection, is fictional and is based in the future.The story is set in the year 2112 in a Houston hospital. In […]

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1984 – 418 words – College Essay

1984 is a political parable. George Orwell wrote the novel to show society what it could become if things kept getting worse. The first paragraph of the book tells the reader of the “swirl of gritty dust….The hallway smelt of boiled cabbage and old rag mats.” Just from these few lines Orwell makes it clear […]

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Death penalty

When turning on the television, radio, or simply opening the local newspaper, one is bombarded with news of arrests, murders, homicides, and other such tragedies. There are many things that I don’t agree with in today’s society but, out of all the wrongdoing that takes place, I believe murder including the death penalty is the […]

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How Cells Harvest Chemical Energy

Respiration: How Cells Harvest Chemical Energy 1. A cell must work just to maintain its complex structure, for order is intrinsically unstable. Because of entropy (the second law of thermodynamics), which states that any enclosed system tends toward disorganization, cells must constantly use energy to keep themselves in order. If the cell was to stop […]

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Capital Punishment

Many people are split on the idea of capital punishment because it involves death. I feel that capital punishment is morally and ethically acceptable because it rids society of our worst criminals. Many people argue that killing criminals who kill is just as bad as being the criminals. For one the criminals killed innocent people […]

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The Crucible: John Proctor

The Crucible: John ProctorA character is an elaborate blend of emotions and characteristics. Eventhough the character’s emotions are significant because they make an individualfeel for the character may it be sympathy or anger. The characteristics are veryalso important because they make the character. They describe the character’snature even if they are good hearted or if […]

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