The view that shopping is about both lifestyle and need

Many social scientists now agree that we have progressed into what is now known as a ‘consumer society’. A consumer society is one in which people see themselves defined by what they own or what they are able to purchase, whether all that is purchased is necessary or not. This is in contrast to previous […]

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Was I becoming a shopaholic

Just as I approached the beanstalk of a shopping centre, people were rushing in and out like particles. People of all ages were present from the old and frail to the young and fresh. Over my right shoulder were two hooded teenagers… I simply strolled off with no intentions in handing any valuables over. Luckily […]

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Shopping Malls vs Neighborhood Stores

Our shopping traditions reflect our cultural development and shape our social life. For many contemporary families it became a special ritual to go to a shopping mall in a week-end or a holiday, browse around, do some quality shopping, have a snack or drink some coffee, watch a movie, meet with friends, spend some good […]

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