Shopping mall

Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls – they can be considered as one of the liveliest and most pleasurable places to visit. They offer a wide variety of interesting and tempting goodies that serve as eye candy to a lot of consumers. In this paper, I am going to explore and examine a particular shopping mall located just a […]

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The shopping malls

The shopping malls environment defines the characteristics of a consumer society which is continually changing following technology. The shops served as important centers for community life. Certainly all sorts of activities including functions and institutions exist in shopping malls from Starbucks coffee, restaurants to conventions centers. Shopping malls and superstores are public places that develop […]

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Shopping Malls versus Neighborhood Stores

There are hardly any similarities of shopping malls and neighborhood stores (White, 1997). Shopping malls and neighborhood stores cater to the needs of people ranging from food, hardware/construction needs, etc (White, 1997). Both hold the same objective of providing the needs of people within the area in the most convenient way possible (White, 1997). In […]

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The World in a Shopping Mall

The first article, ‘“The World in a Shopping Mall” clearly shows that, since the first enclosed shopping mall opened in the United States in 1956, the need for consumption has grown greater and greater. There are very few places left in the United States where there isn’t a mall or shopping center within a 5-mile […]

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