Shell Oil Management of Crisis

Royal Dutch/Shell Oil Company: The Management of Crisis After years with a low profile, thanks to stable prices and ample supply, the oil industry-along with the rest of the energy business-is back in the spotlight. The United State these days feels as if it has been transported back in time to the 1970s, when rising […]

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Nigerian Shell Company

The shell companies first it established itself in Nigeria sometimes back in 1937 under the Shell D’Arcy as it business name. This is the company that pioneered oil prospecting in this region. A year later it was legally recognized and was issued with a license to start looking for oil from this time shell has […]

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Shell’s Silence over Political and Social Situation in Nigeria

Nigeria, like many other African countries, was colonized by the British. In 1937, the British government gave Shell D’Arcy the exclusive right to prospect for oil in the expansive country whose boundaries the British had established back in 1914 (Hammer, 1996). In 1956 and shortly before Nigeria won independence and declared self-rule, the prospectors struck […]

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Shell Fracking

Royal Dutch Shell or Shell, which it is commonly called, is a global company which seeks to be the leader in the gas and oil industry. Founded in 1907, Shell’s mission is to deliver the best value to its shareholders, while helping to meet energy demands all around the world. In addition to its role […]

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