Genetic Engineering Overview

Genetic engineering seems to be one of the incredible breakthroughs in science. It was discovered in the 1900’s by Mendel, who used to study peas by creating different species at one time. Genetic engineering can be described as the non-natural alteration of the genetic code. Genes are parts of the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) that control […]

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Social Problems

Teenage pregnancy is an important social problem reality. The statistics on teenage pregnancy and birth rates are alarming. It is emphasize that pregnancy is the natural result of sexual intercourse. It is so natural that four of every five girls who have regular intercourse without contraception will become pregnant within a year. Half of them […]

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Sex Education should be taught in public schools

Since the beginning of time man has always had a keen seen of curiosity within him. Sex and physical attraction has played its part on human mind but has been a major curiosity issue for the adolescent mind. Sex education has been one of the most controversial subjects in the history of teaching, but even […]

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Sex Education

With evolving time and progressing world, many things have changed. Most importantly, our society has changed; the norms, culture and values might still be the same in many respects, but the way people view and follow them has changed drastically. Now, the previously unsaid words and topics that were not discussed are being openly heard […]

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Sex Discrimination in Athletics Separate but Equal

Sports received minimal attention during congressional discussions of sex discrimination in education; the advocates for women were concerned primarily about the barriers women faced in seeking admission to undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs and employment in colleges and universities. The importance of Title IX to fundamental change in college sports necessitates a careful examination of […]

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Sex Determination Simplified

The biological meaning of sex has long been an issue of interest by society. During the early times when the scientific method has not yet been formulated, the types of sex were then arbitrarily described. Aristotle postulated the sex of a child is determined by the temperature of the semen due the act of copulation. […]

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