Separation between state and religion

One of the most common questions asked about public prayer is whether or not it is legal to hold it in a public school. It depends on the type of prayer we are talking about, and who is doing the praying, since people are usually talking about organized classroom prayer, often led by a teacher. […]

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Solving the Problem of the Magnetic Separator

The magnetic separator is characterized by a turbulent magnetic field and high separation factor, advanced structure, light weight, reliable operation and convenient maintenance. The magnetic separator is very suitable for the districts that are short of water so that water resource may be saved and ore dressing coasts may be reduced. It develops a new […]

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The Working Principle of Flotation Column

Flotation machine is applicable for the separation of nonferrous metal and ferrous metal. It is also used for separating nonmetal, such as fluorite and talcum. The impellers are driven through V- belt transmission, which brings centrifugal effect to form the negative pressure. On the one hand, the flotation machine inhales sufficient air to mix with […]

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Separation from british empire

The British Empire of the 18th to 20th century covered all the inhabited continents of the world and it was stated that the “Sun never sets in the British Empire”. (Lamb, 2004) However, though the British North America was a part of this Empire it was in reality a colony of the British Mainland.

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