Self-Concept and Self-Esteem

1. Self-concept is generally defined as comprised of the assessments that an individual sees as permanent.  This could include skills and abilities, or physical and personality attributes, like height, weight and skin color.  Self-esteem on the other hand, is an assessment on the emotional level.  It focuses on how an individual sees his own worth, […]

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Self-concept is the totality of the intricate patterns of learned beliefs, attitudes and opinions that a person has for his or her own existence. Self-concept is learned; it is brought about and influenced by experiences and interpersonal interactions. It is also a fairly stable aspect of one’s self and which contributes to the consistency and […]

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Self Concept

Self concept is a person perception of and feeling of how he or she sees him or herself including his or her personality, weakness, strength and relationship with others. Positive self-concept is what stood out to me the most; reason being children with positive self-concept normally have high self-esteem, self worth, politeness and exude great […]

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