Dead Sea Scrolls

The Dead Sea Scrolls: An essential component of Ju

daism and Christianity 3/17/04 Period 5 World Hist. H. The year was 1947, with World War II just over and the hectic nations recovering from a magnanimous drain in supply, a wondrous event occurred. Something extraordinary, happening once in a world’s history, befell in the form of a child. Fifteen year old Muhammad adh-Dhib, a […]

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Dead Sea Scrolls

While pursuing one of his goats into a cave near the Dead Sea in the Jordan Desert, in 1947, a fifteen year old boy by the name of Muhammad adh-Dhib, stumbled on to a great discovery. Inside the cave, he found broken jars that contained scrolls written in a strange language, wrapped in linen cloth […]

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The Old Man the Sea

Ernest Hemingway had a significant influence on the literature of the twentieth century; many of his novels have become classics. Hemingway also influenced writing of many American authors, such as J.D. Salinger and James Joyce. He had a life, full of adventures and he was courageous and brave enough to go through all of them. […]

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Out to the sea

We stood in the small bobbing boat, hanging on to the rail for dear life, and looked up at the ship’s towering hull with trepidation. How were we ever going to climb that rope ladder hanging down the shipside? How foolish we had been to join our Dad’s ship instead of enjoying a comfortable vacation […]

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The Aral Sea

The Aral Sea disaster is one of ecological disasters that effect terribly on our life. It was fourth largest lake in the world, but nowadays 80 per cent of water disappeared. The main reason why the Aral Sea has shrunk so dramatically is because water from the rivers flowing to it has been diverted for […]

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The Legend of Ulik Mayang

The fishermen of this region have a number of superstitions. One of them is not wearing anything green when going out to sea because green is the royal colour of the Spirits of the Sea. Another is to touch the water when arriving at a fishing spot, and asking permission from the Spirits before throwing […]

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Dead Zones

Dead zones are areas near the sea floor, the bottom water, wherein the level of dissolved oxygen present has become very low, hypoxic, or even completely absent, anoxic. These oxygen-poor areas of the sea floor are caused by an increase in phytoplankton productivity. (Dybas, 553) Increase in phytoplankton in the water causes increased oxygen utilization […]

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