High schools should be high tech

HIGH SCHOOLS SHOULD BE HI TECH The world is becoming more and more “hi tech” and high schools should keep up. High school should be taught on computers because it would save paper, it would save time, and school supplies would be lighter. The first reason high school should be taught on computers is because […]

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Violence in American Schools

High School violence is any activity that jeopardizes or risks the psychological, physical or space safety of students or staff in a given high school environment. This violence comes in different forms including theft, gang activity, drug shootouts, bullying and any attack from outsiders like parents beating up teachers or students. The main cause of […]

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school life

Summary: When you grow up, you will have many different lives. However, school life is the best time in human life. During this time, we experience physical development, emotions, friendships, relationships, and especially knowledge. Happiness, sadness and other emotions, or even love sick, we all can find in our school time. That’s why school life […]

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Effects of Charter Schools on the Public School System

These additions add new benefits and halogens to public education. Rapid growth of charter schools nationwide have caused positive and negative effects to the community, demographics, teachers, and funding in the traditional public school system. As defined by Merriam-Webster (2013), “Charter School: a tax-supported school established by a charter between a granting body (as a […]

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Public vs. Charter Schools

Charter Schools The first day of school is a rite of passage for most children. The step from home or day care to school is huge: they are a big kid now. However, sometimes the local Public School, especially in rural or economically challenged areas, can be an uncertain, questionable and scary place, and yet […]

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Why I Choose My School

I was recently asked if why I choose National College to continue my education. While, I have visited and number of different school to continue my search on my career path. There were couples thing the stood out about the National from the others. I choose national college for the location, timing, and environment. The […]

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Charter School Analysis

Mike Schmidt Statement of Issue: Since the first charter school opened in Minnesota in 1992 (Minnesota Dept. Of Education Website), America has seen charter schools move from a fringe educational alternative to an accepted and useful tool in public education. It is clear that charter schools are continuing to grow in popularity and student population, […]

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School President

Hello, my name is [insert name] , and I’m running for school president. You may know me, but for the ones who don’t I am an [enter grade]. Today I’m going to tell you why I should to be school president. I’m here to discuss fun, and more important things. I know that it is […]

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English Proficiency of Selected High School Students

Capsule Proposal l. Project Title: English Proficiency of Secondary Level Students in Gob. Prefer Memorial High School II. Proponents: Project Leader: Dry. Holland A. Lagan Project Researcher: Leslie Anne N. Gastrula Ill. Project Duration: One (1) year IV. Budget Requested: V. Background/Rationale: Nowadays, English Language is considered as “universal”. Whatever race we belong, English knowledge […]

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Schools of Thought in Economics

There should be less government intervention. I Market should be self-regulating and resources are efficiently distributed by the “invisible hand”. I Competition is evil, market is bad. I Studied equilibrium and market should be self-regulating or self- correcting I Market failures came about during hard times, government should intervene by spending. I Distortions in the […]

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