Case Scenario of Castle’s Family Restaurant

Introduction The needs of employees are often met by the leadership of a company or organization. Nonetheless, organization currently faces numerous challenges ranging from management to employee satisfaction, without forgetting the services to clients. Castle’s Family Restaurant embraces HR systems and guiding principles that pose several shortcomings to its operation. The effect of such a […]

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Business Communication Coursework Portfolio: Scenario Response

A Communication to the Staff Affected: Letting Them Know the Initial Details about the Situation. ALG retail is a small family company that sells a range of electrical appliances and relationships within company rather friendly and family like than official. Therefore, the only appropriate channel to communicate such kind of unpleasant information delicately is with […]

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Review the scenarios

Review the scenarios in Appendix D. Imagine yourself as a human services worker in each of these scenarios. Which theoretical approach would most influence your reaction in each situation and why? Beyond theoretical approaches, what tactics would you use in the real world to improve these situations. Scenario 1 You are a human service worker […]

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