sample thesis

?CHAPTER I PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction Developing games on Android has its pros and cons. First, Android games are developed in Java, but Android is not a complete Java implementation. Many of the packages used for OpenGL and other graphic embellishments are included in the Android software development kit (SDK). Many does not mean […]

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Sample Chapter Thesis

Triplexes Engineering Services is an engineering firm that specialize construction, transportation and environmental services. They offer consulting and technical services to contractors, private companies and government organizations. This company needs a practical ways on how to establish surveillance and monitoring system in their building. As their needs stated, this project intends to implement IP Cameras […]

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Sample Remarks for Students

She understands very well and never gets tired with the tasks. Her level of understanding is appreciable. He understands very well and never gets tired with the tasks. He seems to be very pampered at his home, thus he requires constant teachers guidance/ he seems a bit slow in activities but he does well/ Among […]

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Proposal Sample

We are pleased to accept your request for presenting the proposal outlining our approach to the promotion campaign for the launch of “Star Line Metal Bike” Background: Since 25 years, Star Line has been provided quality products to their consumer which has made Star Line as an ambassador of automobiles internationally. Every time, your brand […]

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Psychological Report Sample

Introduction This psychological case study is all about client/student having bad conscious mind. The approach to this client’s evaluation is within the domain of counseling. Through the used of effective counseling to the erring client, there must be a successful result as much as the client find the best solution to his/her problem. The solution […]

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This study focuses and aims to know the marketing strategies being used/ to be use by the suppliers of E-bikes here in Nag City. And also this research will enlighten if the marketing strategies used in an ordinary motorbike can also be used in marketing E-bikes. This study answered the following questions: What is the […]

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Sample Research Paragraph

Paragraph At this point In your research, you should already have In mind the questions that you want to answer in your research paper. For example, if I were writing a research paper on cloning, I might want to answer these questions: 1) Why are people so afraid of genetic research and cloning? And 2) […]

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Sample Paragraphs The Somebody

In the story, “The Somebody,” by Danny Santiago, we meet the young character who goes by the name of Chat. Throughout the story, the author uses characterization to help us see that Chat Is both passionate about what he does, yet he is also still a rugged gang member. In “The Somebody,” Danny Santiago uses […]

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Sample paragraphs

Extra Credit b: Sample Paragraphs If your score In the Midterm Exam Is O, 1, 2, or 3, this extra credit will earn you a passing score In the Home Works, and If your score In the Midterm Exam Is 4 or 5, you will earn 10 points in the Home Works. Those who scored […]

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Sample Feasibility

A business involving the preparation and serving of meals for Consumption on the premises or off the premises. 2. Normally require short amounts of time between the period of ordering serving of the food. 3. Serve in edible or disposable containers. 4. Provide delivery of food for immediate consumption. 5. All restaurants provide warm and […]

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