Comparing “Salvation” By: Langston Hughes and “American History” By: Judith Ortiz Cofer

Despite the age, sex, nationality, and religion, humanity always has the same eternal problems. Whatever means we use to fight them, they were, are, and will exist until people live on the earth. For some of people, it is triviality, and they do not pay attention to it, while others try to facilitate a life […]

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Doctrine of Salvation

Romans speaks to Christians today just as powerfully as it spoke to believers of the first century. It speaks to moral, intellectual, social and spiritual issues. But most important of all, it lays the theological foundation for the Christian faith that Holy God has made it possible through Christ for sinner to be made right […]

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Four Different Views on Salvation

This paper looks at four different views experts have concluded of salvation. It talks about who will receive salvation and how we receive salvation. There are four different views of salvation and each view is represented in this paper. Douglas Giivett and Gary Phillips take on the hard restrictivist view, in that only those who […]

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