Individualism in British Romantic Literature

In the current historical reassessment of romanticism, individualism has rightly become a major area of scholarly and critical focus. One important question that has begun to press to the surface of critical discussion in the investigation of romanticism is whether the romantic imagination is essentially masculinist. In the current historical reassessment of romanticism, individualism has […]

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Chopin and the Character Piece: Nocturnes, Preludes, and Ballades

The transition into the Romantic era of music saw the development of many new characteristics. For the most part, the music evolved from established forms, genres, and musical ideas, but there was more emphasis on expression. Harmonic language established by Mozart and Haydn was coloured with dissonances, and bolder chord changes. Emphasis shifted from the […]

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Many plays could be written on the theme of love, but ‘A midsummer nights dream’ by William Shakespeare gives a twist to the traditional notion of love. A mid summer nights dream is a museum portraying the various types of love. Parental love, Romantic young love, arranged love, and also ‘forced love’ are amongst the […]

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Romantic Attraction in its Deeper Sense

Nowadays, romantic attraction has become a near obsession in the popular culture. Because of its seeming elusiveness, it has transcended into many interpretations for the young and the mature alike. Today, we hear most songs revolving around love, see reality shows centered on finding the perfect match, and view films portraying stories of affection. In […]

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The Writers During the Age of Reason as Compared to the Writers During the Pre-Romantic Period

Novels and works of literature are products not only of the brilliant minds of their authors but their time frames as well. More often than not, they reflect the situation, the scenario, and the condition of the society, the government, and people during a specific time. Because of this, these texts gain a solid theme […]

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