Roman Empire

The variety to be found in both the form and the function of Roman portraiture

The Roman Empire produced great confidence, wealth and luxury in its culture which it then exported to the rest of the empire. Roman portraiture is therefore very diverse, but on the whole it exhibits an eclectic mix of naturalism from the Etruscans and idealisation from the Greeks varied according to taste and use, called ‘decorum’. […]

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What was marriage and family life like in the Roman Empire

Women were often seen as the weaker sex and thus often seen as having only two purposes in life, these are child bearing; focusing on male heirs and keeping the house suitable for their husbands to come home to. But what was life really like for all women in Roman Society. The Romans did not […]

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The Roman Games

The Roman Games, renowned for its brutality and bloodthirstiness, has played a significant role in the Roman culture. The Roman games were originally part of religious festivals. However, as time passed, it began to assume an increasing social and political importance, overshadowing its religious significance. Roman Games were treated as part of a political tool […]

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Why and how was Hadrian’s Wall constructed and how effectively did it serve to its purpose

The Roman Empire faced several problems with its frontiers in deferent parts of the world. Some of them were due to the lack of natural boundaries other due to threats from ‘barbaric’ tribes. However it is Britain which posses the remains of the European most famous solution of this problem, Hadrian’s Wall. Stephen Johnson points […]

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The structure of Roman Legion

a) Itemise the main features of Roman arms and armour Velites- youngest and poorest men armed with 4ft(1.2m) javelins, sword and a 3ft(1m) diameter shield made of wicker and covered with hide. Helmet are their only defends and many of them are made with bear or wolf skins. Hastatus or princeps- forms the first two […]

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Roman Project

The story of the Roman Empire began about 2700 years ago, in small villages on hills above the River Tiber in Italy. The people of these villages founded the mighty Roman Empire. According to legend twin brothers called Romulus and Remus were taken from their mother and left by the river Tiber to starve. A […]

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Why did the Roman Army Deteriorate

The Roman Empire stood in great power for many centuries. Rome was considered the center of civilization for years. The empire was beautiful and although it attracted many invaders, it was very well protected by the walls surrounding the empire and, of course, the powerful army. Some people believed that the Roman Empire would last […]

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The roman army and their weapons

The Roman legion comprised some 5500 men. These included a wide range of specialists distributed among the ranks who made each legion virtually self-sufficient. Aside from soldiering the legions constructed roads, forts, temples, aqueducts and canals, they manufactured bricks, the more basic items of arms and armour, they cultivated crops, raised livestock and traded much […]

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What exactly is Moses Finley’s view of the manpower question

Since Gibbon’s almost introductory research into the decline and fall of the Roman Empire there have been many historians intent on providing the answer to the collapse of one of the most powerful and influential Empires in history. Moses Finley gained the reputation as one of the most influential historians of this era with his […]

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During the age of 120BC and 70BC, a roman slave, formerly a soldier, forced to earn his living and literally his life through gladiator fighting became a leader of a uprising or rebellion against the Roman Empire. An unsuccessful and failed attempt to free slaves from the oppression of the great Roman Empire, when the […]

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