Rock Music

Rock music is essentially a general term used to describe a form of popular or well-liked music that uses outstanding vocals and loud backbeats of drums and tunes of guitars and bass. Specifically Rock music rise to popularity on the 1950’s as a mixture of different popular music genres such as jazz, pop and RnB. […]

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Rock Concert Report for John Mayer

John Mayer, a composer and real good singer started to learn about his talent by just tending to listen in the radio and hearing blues types of music. He already gained popularity when he was 19 because he used to play in a lot of different bars particularly those bars which play blues music(FamousDJS. com, […]

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An Introduction to the Deeper Meaning of Rock Music

“Real music is bound to express, not to impress. ” This one sentence, explains everything we have to understand about music. For most people, music is merely food for the ears, but for some, it also feeds the mind and the soul. People who see music this way are sort of gifted with the knowledge […]

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