Employee Dissatisfaction on Reward System

Reward system is to motivate performance among the managers and employees. The organization had been implemented monetary rewards which is not enough to motivate the employee’s performance. Recently, the organization had to build reward system to adapt the new environment. Employee’s need the rewards as motivation to improve performance is different with others. Traditional reward […]

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Strategic Reward Management – Symbolism and Rewards

There are numerous examples of organizations that, wary of the ways in which extrinsic rewards can focus employee attention to the exclusion of other considerations. Similarly, how, and for what, peoples are rewarded within the organization sends strong symbolic messages. Organizations, which recognize this, can use the reward system to signal strategic or cultural changes. […]

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Designing a Reward System

The Human Service goal is to implement a rewards program that will encourage employees to go above and beyond their standard work ethics; for improvements within the organization to reach the intended goals at a faster and more efficient rate. The employee’s performance will be the key element in determining who will receive the rewards. […]

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How to Train Your Goat

I have worked professionally as a detection dog trainer and love watching how animals behave and learn. Using positive reinforcement (reward based) training, I have enjoyed training dogs, cats, chickens and goats. By using the techniques described here, your relationship with your goat will be based on respect and trust. By building this relationship, not […]

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Desiging a Reward System

Designing a reward system for a human service organization can be a daunting task, but is a necessary aspect of a successful corporation. There are nine overall factors employees look for when searching for a descent job, they include; respect, good pay, chance to develop quality work, room for promotion, the opportunity to perform interesting […]

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