Business and Revenue Models for E-commerce

The Internet is certainly one of the best technological inventions that the world has experienced in the recent times. The Internet has grown to be an indispensable tool for business not only between consumers and firms but also between firms (Duff, 2009). The key beneficial feature of the Internet is the fact that it has […]

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Judicial review

Judicial review is a constitutional process in the United Kingdom with which the courts control certain decisions taken by administrative bodies. In general, the courts do not interfere with the decision making process. However, a decision should not be of the Wednesbury type or unreasonable. This rule empowers the courts to interfere with decisions that […]

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Revenue recognition

Financial reporting is guided by key principles that ensure that financial statements meet the fundamental criteria of relevance, reliability, consistency and comparability. The revenue recognition concept and the matching concept are closely related. The matching concept provides guidance on charging of expenses while revenue recognition provides guidance on how and when to recognize revenue. These […]

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1) Craigslist makes money only through revenue streams. It charges a $25 fee to post a job listing in six major U.S. cities. It charges $75 for a job listing in the San Francisco area. Last, the company charges a $10 fee to list an apartment rental in New York. The revenues generated from these […]

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Silver Ships Case Study

Silver Ships is not as well prepared for the future as it could be in terms of succession planning, diversification and capital structuring. The attached report recommends that Mike McCarty take immediate action to establish a strong plan for the future of the company. The company is currently funded entirely by equity, and the appropriate […]

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Walgreen Versus Cvs

The initial intent of this analysis was to identify changes in accounting methods within the financial statements of Walgreens and CVS Caremark, as well as to compare and contrast their financial statements, in order to draw conclusions about which company had also have better earnings. However, in the process of this analysis, with the exception […]

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Sources of Revenue for India

Receipts on revenue account include revenue received in the form of tax and non-tax revenue. On the other hand,receipts on capital account is composed of loans from themarket, aid received from external sources, small savings,state and public provident funds, special deposits of nongovernmentprovident funds, and special securities. Thus,the revenue receipts of the governments – centre […]

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Pharmagen 9-2 Deloitte Trueblood Case

1.State the issue at hand. (Typically this is merely the question you are asked at the end of the case.) How to account for the funding of the R&D and royalty payments 2.State the fact pattern. BRIEFLY present the relevant facts. (Bullet points can be very useful here.) (This can be a challenge, given that […]

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IASB & FASB Revenue Recognition

The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) have undertaken a joint revenue recognition project that clarifies the principles for recognizing revenue that can be applied consistently across various transactions, industries, and capital markets. This project will apply to all contracts with customers except leases, financial instruments and insurance contracts. […]

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