Customer Loyalty in the Restaurant Business

Introduction Customer loyalty is the creation and retention of loyal customers, who continue to buy products of an enterprise. It tends to measure the success of a business in creating and maintaining long-term relationships with its customers. Such clients always prefer products being offered by the business to the ones of rivals. Customer loyalty is […]

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Castle’s Family Restaurant

A business strategy is a significant tool that Castle’s family restaurant intends to provide through quality services to its clients in order to attract them and win their confidence in order to be successful. Castle’s family restaurant would like to enhance its human resource section by incorporating the HRIS (Human Resource Information System) that will […]

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Case Scenario of Castle’s Family Restaurant

Introduction The needs of employees are often met by the leadership of a company or organization. Nonetheless, organization currently faces numerous challenges ranging from management to employee satisfaction, without forgetting the services to clients. Castle’s Family Restaurant embraces HR systems and guiding principles that pose several shortcomings to its operation. The effect of such a […]

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A Restaurant of My Dreams

Restaurant idea The objective of this project is a restaurant whose location is a seaside city. The restaurant itself will have a seaside view to appeal to the concept of eating out, for it will have an outdoor section adjacent to the sea. The indoor section will provide for the dining area and kitchen. The […]

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Developing practical strategies through analysis of a database of a new restaurant

There are many ways in which the information contained in the database can be utilised to the advantage of the business (Sargeant & West, 2001). In order to develop practical strategies it is necessary to analyse the information within the database, this will be the focus of the first part of the coursework. Having derived […]

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The production system, which is being analyzed

The restaurant prides itself on quality and targets the mid end of the market. Its clientele is family & anyone who wants a romantic night out. It caters for all occasions, tastes & special occasions. Valentinos pioneered Italian food in Cleethorpes, being there first it has seen of competition and still runs strong. The mission […]

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Is it accurate to claim that all organizations add value if they are successful

The materials being properly received with its numerical and storage data which is stored in warehouse by systematic promulgate dissemination and logistical operation in distribution of materials to requirements. Operations The component which is the functional instance to create an efficient production activity in transforming the inputs to finished products. Outbound Logistics The aspect of […]

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Authentic Snake soup

Ever since our great grandparent from southern China drank snake soup, Se Wong Yee has been known as the ‘King of Snake’ by many locals, renowned for serving its authentic signature dish – Snake soup, prepared to its secret recipe which has been passed down for generations. Unlike other Snake soup restaurants, it also serves […]

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Mint Bar and Restaurant Evaluation

For our Med2 practical assessment we chose to advertise a bar/restaurant. The campaign consisted of 2 radio adverts and 2 poster advertisements. Throughout the campaign we tried to incorporate the key concepts of advertising of which we learnt throughout Med2. This included genre, target audience, implicit and explicit ideology, language and form, institutions and representation. […]

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Din Tai Fung Business Operation

Din Tai Fung is a world-famous brand of restaurants originating from Taiwan, well known for its service and culinary excellence. In 2003, BreadTalk Group won the franchise rights to operate Din Tai Fung in Singapore and is currently running 18 outlets nationwide. The success story of Din Tai Fung Singapore heavily lies at their ability […]

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