Scarlet Letter Response

Response to The Scarlet Letter “Confess thy truth and thou shall have eternal rest.” I belive that is the moral to be taught in this novel of inspirational love, yet a novel of much sorrow. The impossible became possible in The Scarlet Letter, a story set back in the Puritan Times. In this response, I […]

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America?s Antiterrorism response: The Patriot Act.

Right or WrongAfter the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001 our country underwent a change that has drastically affected the fundamental values that our founding fathers instilled in this country. Since that tragic day in September the aftermath of the attacks has started to implicate our Civil Liberties that in this country we hold so […]

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Response to Notes of a Native Speaker

The article Notes of a Native Speaker by Eric Liu defines the several characteristics that make a person belong to a certain religious, ethnic, racial or age group. These characteristics include the lifestyle an individual leads, ambitions, attitudes towards life and its change, religious background and social relationships. One has an opportunity to decide what […]

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Business in Response Data

Sources of sustainable development manifestations within the hotel environment were identified and compared to design decisions related to style and comfort in the hotel industries. A guest survey was developed based on a qualitative analysis of earlier investigations of sustainable development factors related to guest preferences. The survey instrument was developed to explain guest satisfaction […]

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Business Communication Coursework Portfolio: Scenario Response

A Communication to the Staff Affected: Letting Them Know the Initial Details about the Situation. ALG retail is a small family company that sells a range of electrical appliances and relationships within company rather friendly and family like than official. Therefore, the only appropriate channel to communicate such kind of unpleasant information delicately is with […]

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Conflict Diamonds in Sierra Leone: The International Response

Introduction The war activities in Sierra Leone are allegedly being supported by diamond sales in Europe. Consequently, this led to the emergence of significant concerns from the international bodies and member countries falling under the statute of United Nations to foster for a lasting solution to the Sierra Leone problem. As a result, the United […]

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Response to Tison Pugh’s Critique

SUMMARY OF THE MAIN ARGUMENTS The author’s criticism focuses on Hank Morgan’s personality. The author argues that Hank’s problems are attributed to his personality, and his inability to conceptualize the past correctly. Morgan’s personality is described in the critic’s text as one full of conflicts. For example, during Morgan’s friendship with Clarence, he supported close […]

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White Supremacy/Black Response

White supremacy is a historically perpetuated system of discrimination, oppression and exploitation of colored people by the whites. This was introduced by the whites in history for the purpose of defending their wealth, privileges and power. White supremacy is based on white culture, which has been defined as the dominant culture in the American history. […]

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Mexicos Financial Crisis

This essay is engineered at discussing and analyzing the Financial Sector Crisis experienced by Mexico in late 1994, labeled the ‘Peso Crisis’. The crisis of international investor confidence in Mexico expanded to several other Latin American countries, notably Argentina. In analyzing this particular event, we will first examine what caused the collapse. We will proceed […]

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Should Britain Join the Euro

One of the primary arguments against joining is that there are severe structural differences between the members’ economies. These may well undermine the success of the project, meaning Britain would do well to stay out. There is no guarantee that the Euro will be successful, and this is a key issue to consider when assessing […]

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Why did industrialisation depend on agriculture in the USSR

1. “Why did industrialisation depend on agriculture in the USSR?” Industrialisation in the USSR relied on agriculture through the trade economy factor. To industrialise a country as huge as Russia vast financial resources needed to be utilised however Russia did not have the ready cash to cope with the demands. The middle classes had collapsed […]

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Why is there a need for any government intervention in the economy

It was suggested by Adam Smith in 1776 that individuals led by self interest, accidentally advance the interests of society. If this is true and the selfish free market economy efficiently allocates resources at minimum cost, why is there a need for any government intervention in the economy? A simple answer for this is the […]

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Analysis of some fundamental arguments claimed

The objective of this essay involves a thorough and profound analysis of some fundamental arguments claimed by Albert Hirschman and Gunnar Myrdal. Myrdal claims that “the play of forces in the market normally tends to add rather than reduce regional inequality” and Hirschman that “non-market forces may be just as automatic as market forces”. In […]

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Modern Conservatism is more concerned with economic freedom

There is debate among political scientists as to the extent to which the Neo-Conservative and Neo-Liberal elements that form Modern Conservative ideology can work coherently. This can be seen most poignantly in their Neo-Liberal commitment to economic freedom which directly contrasts the Conservative ideas of stability within society. Neo-Liberal economics have been influenced by Classical […]

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Ideology and the Cinema

First, it should be noted that every film is political, at least inasmuch as it is determined by the ideology that produces it (or within which it is produced, which stems from the same thing). The cinema is all the more thoroughly and completely determined, according to critics, because unlike other arts or ideological systems […]

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Could Levi’s Make a Mistake

1. What is the problem in this case? What do you feel caused this problem? The major problem was a non-sampling error and occurred somewhere around step 11 in the market research process – prepare and present the report. The information gathered did not appear to be clearly defined and they did not verify that […]

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Coursework Marketing of Services

Services are defined by Donald Cowell in the Marketing of Services, Butterworth and Heinemann, as “those separately identifiable but intangible activities that provide want-satisfaction, and that are not of necessity tied to (or inextricable from) the sale of a product or another service”. There are further explanations and of course Kotler has his definition. So […]

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Academic library of the 21st century

The purpose of this assignment is to learn about modern academic libraries and establish which changes have to be made in order for the libraries to meet the needs of 21st century students. In today’s information age particularly, more technological study resources are becoming available, enabling students to access vast amounts of information on the […]

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Small Business Management

Bob Reiss realized in 1983 that the success of the board game named Trivial Pursuit in Canada could be repeated and go at a larger scale in the United States according to the rule of thumb. Thus, he decided to design and market a new trivia game in the US. The process of launching such […]

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Discuss the components that should be part of well-written strategy

Many factors need to be considered when forming a strategy. Different groups each have their own opinion about what these factors are, and these ideas are separated into school. One school may think that strategy should be deliberate or emergent. Another may think that the structure of an organization supersedes strategy. In fact if a […]

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The positioning school

The key to a firm’s success is a function of its formation and implementation of a good strategy. There are two schools of thought on strategy development; the resource-based view of strategy and the positioning school. Both agree that the creation and sustaining of a competitive advantage is essential to a firm’s performance in competitive […]

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Insulin and Genetically Modified Humans In Sport

In august 1998 a law was passed so as the substance insulin was prohibited in Britain and could only be obtained by prescription due to its adverse effects on an athletes performance. The International Olympic Committee banned it. However the ban doesn’t apply to diabetic athletes who’s lives depend on this controversial drug. Dr Verroken […]

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