Respiratory system

The Respiratory System

System’s development during the embryonic life The respiratory system begins to develop at the fourth week of gestation. It is necessary to point out here that the respiratory system consists of two main parts or regions. The upper respiratory tract, which is composed of the nose, nasal cavity and pharynx and the lower respiratory tract […]

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Respiratory System

Respiration is defined as process of breathing in and out. It is breathing that gives all humans life. Human respiratory system plays vitally important role for maintaining human health. Healthy respiratory system allows our bodies to function and perform our daily actions. Respiratory system is very delicate and, therefore, smoking and other harmful gases may […]

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Respiratory system

The main purpose of a human’s respiratory system is to combine oxygen with blood so that the blood can transport oxygen to all different parts of the body. The process of respiration is done by the means of Breathing. When breathing, we breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. This exchanging of gases is […]

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My Future Job

The human respiratory system consists of a complex set of organs and tissues that capture oxygen from the environment and transport the oxygen into the lungs. The organs and tissues that comprise the human respiratory system include the nose and pharynx, the trachea, and the lungs. Nose and pharynx The respiratory system of humans begins […]

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