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12-19-2001Entry# 1 Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of just about everything. He is the national saint of Russia and Greece and churches named after him number in the thousands – more than 400 in Great Britain alone. He is the patron saint of judges, murderers, pawnbrokers, thieves, merchants, paupers, scholars, sailors, bakers, travelers, maidens […]

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Lifting the Resource Curse

1) Lifting the Resource Curse Corruption and bad policy in business and government are certainly a threat to prosperity of various nations particularly developing countries endowed with vast natural resources. It is unfortunate that most rich individuals and companies are highly profiting from selling countries natural resources at the expense of the common public owing […]

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Budgeting: Human Resource

A budget is a document that is used by an organization to focus on its future income and expenditures. Budgeting on the other hand is the systematic collection of data and information for the purpose of projecting the finances needed to support the objectives of the organization (Society for Human Resource Management, 2012). From a […]

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The Role of Human Resource and Technology

The benefits and effects of the Human Resources management cannot be underestimated. Recently, Human Resources management has become the central issue of every organization in general, and each employer in particular. The organization’s human resources are the key elements of a strategic management, as HR play an important role in all strategic decisions. HR managers […]

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Human Resource Selection Process

Availability of competent manpower is important in any service industry. Hospitality industry is one of the industries where customers’ interests come first. Attracting the best staff can go a long way in saving the organization substantial resources provided that the selection process is effective. Selection process is not only an important component of an individual […]

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Human Resource Professionals

Human Resource (HR) professionals do much work in the companies and organizations today. They attend series of meetings, receive and respond to voice mails and e-mails on a daily basis besides other administrative functions pertaining to their official duties. However, the HR professionals experience myriads of frustrations at their workplace as explained in A Day […]

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Human resource policy

Introduction Swift global Inc is a privately owned software consulting company in United States of America founded by a group of IT professionals to revolutionize the information communication technology sector in the country and beyond her borders. Swift global is an incorporated limited company. The company is focused on developing software products over a broad […]

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Human Resource Management Problems

Introduction and Research Question With the growing pace of globalisation and technological advancement, more businesses are going global. Like any other organisation, MNEs certainly want to develop a fair approach to compensation and benefits, but the organisational and cultural diversity of their international subsidiaries makes this task virtually impossible to accomplish. In their compensation and […]

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Human Resource Management Perspectives

Human resource management is the management of people in organizations from a macro-perspective. It forms the collective relationship between management and employees. Consequently, it is the process of managing people in a thorough manner. On the converse, personal management is workforce centered, while human resource management is resource centered. Personal management is the core organizational […]

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Human Resource Management Paper

Human resource management plays an important role in an organization through provision of the various services, such as recruitment, promotion and management of employees and providing direction to the staff of the organization for the attainment of the company’s mission and objectives. HRM also deals with the matters related to hiring, compensation, safety, employee motivation, […]

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