Green Mountain Resort

Question A Gunter, a manager of Green Mountain Resort, made several assumptions about the cause of employee turnover in the organization. One assumption was based on the fact that the resort is situated in a beautiful rural county, which is the poorest in the state (Purdue University, 2013). Consequently, remuneration was lower and the fact […]

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Blue mountain resorts

1. Problem definition Blue Mountain Resorts were first built in 1941, and it is the largest family-operated ski resort in Canada. The major problem in this case is that the CEO of the Blue Mountain Resorts has to decide whether to install facilitates or not for the night skiing in 1979-1980 winter skiing season. Maintaining […]

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Its My Own

Matheran is an idyllic hill station in Maharashtra that is popular for its scenic beauty and laid back pace. If you are looking forward to some peaceful moments travel to Matheran Maharashtra. Time seems stand still in this part of Maharashtra. Hill Resorts in India provides an overview of the beautiful hill station. Location Matheran […]

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