Carnivalesque Resistance to Global Spectacle:

A Critical Postmodern Theory of Public Administration David M. Boje New Mexico State University April 12, 2001; Revised April 30, 2001 Pre-publication draft of article published in:Administrative Theory & Praxis, Vol 23 (3): 431-458. Abstract I propose a critical postmodern application of Debord’s Spectacle and the carnivalesque of Bakhtin to the theatrics I see happening […]

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Stages of Resistance in Alice Walker’s Meridian

Stages of Resistance in Alice Walkers Meridian In this compelling novel by Alice Walker, Meridian, the main character, grows up through the eyes of the reader. The author shows us the emotional, physical, and psychological stages of resistance that Meridian goes through during the height of the civil rights movement. In fact, if one looks […]

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McWorld and the Power of Resistance

Every human being has his needs, wants and desires. These three things contribute in bringing people together. In his book Jihad versus McWorld, Barber tries to justify how corporations invent customer’s needs while manufacturing their desires. McWorld was a term coined to explain globalization and how the corporate world is trying to gain control of […]

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Resistance to Change

What is resistance? Resistance is a force that slows or stops movement. It is a natural and expected part of change. Any system, whether the human body or a financial services organization, resists any change that it believes to be harmful. If the worker has ever tried to lose weight, the worker will immediately recognize […]

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Forms of resistance

Always, whenever a person has reached the stage of decision, he/she usually had faced certain obstacles and to an extent has weighed various pros and cons of the plan. There are times though that decisions are to be made impulsively or in a spur of the moment; however, these are occasions that necessitate quick implementation […]

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