The Philosophical Difference between Republicans and Democrats

Introduction Political analysts struggle to list the significant philosophical difference that exists between the republicans and democratic and how their parties view the proper role of the federal government. Others struggle to validate the claim that the two parties have no essential differences. For the purposes of this brief essay, the assumption that the two […]

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Roman Republican Portrait Busts

Romans had created their own style in creating their portrait busts. Even though, their portrait busts are inspired by the Greek, much difference is implied in these portrait busts. Usually, they depict important persons in their history such as the founder of the Roman Republic. As opposite to the Greek style which emphasizes on ideality, […]

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2004 Free Response Essay

The election of 1800 can be though of as the revolution because Thomas Jefferson and his party, the republicans, ran against a seated federalist president who was running for re-election. Republicans under Jefferson were apposed to many of the policies that Adams and the federalists had established during Adam’s presidency. Particularly the increase in the […]

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Democrats versus Republicans

The United States of America’s two major political parties today came about due to evolution and not by statutory or constitutional creation. Since political parties have established themselves in the political landscape in 1800, every elected president since 1852 was either a Democrat or a Republican (“Political Parties in the United States,” 2007). The current […]

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