USVietnam relations

Since Clinton normalized relations in 1995, restoring full diplomatic ties between the United States and Vietnam, the two countries have been working towards a trade agreement for over four years. Finally July 13th of this year, the two finally signed a Bilateral Trade Agreement (BTA) would open up Vietnam’s growing economy, and increase trade between […]

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The Current Nature Of Human Relations

The Current Nature of Human Relations Group Project 1 Group Members: Kari Johnson Todd Lessman Mark Mellum Craig Popp Tim Weller Organizational Behavior Richard J. Sebastian March 9, 2000 The nature of human relations is evolutionary. It changes over time as our society adjusts to our ever-changing environment. These changes can be positive or negative, […]

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Public Relations

PR is an influencing power. Any successful PR program has to create awareness and a sense of objective endorsement of services, products, people, and contributions. A good PR campaign leads to name recognition and enhancing goodwill that cannot always be achieved through traditional advertising. The experts in public relations have good communicative skills as they […]

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Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations

The new strategies and implementations that characterize human resource management and industrial relations have impacted the current industrial regulations, and Enpark Company is no exception. Enpark Company operates in Middle East through facilitation of environmental and energy sectors. In so doing, Enpark generated interest in the employment relations across the globe. It is not only […]

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How Industry Uses Public Relations

Effective Public Relations has made it possible for McDonalds to emerge as one of the largest fast food service restaurants and one of the most profitable in the world. Public Relations is meant to make a company’s products or services sell more. McDonalds uses a two way asymmetric model because it wants to create a […]

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Employee Relations

Employee relations ensure that the organization is able to achieve its strategic goals with ease. Employees need to be treated well in order for them to maximize their time. When employees are provided with the necessary incentives and reimbursed effectively, they can maximize their time to the organization and increase the revenue outlay for the […]

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Genetic Relations

DNA is pneumonic for deoxyribonucleic acid. The chemical structure of DNA is a double helix made up of two complementary strands, which are long chains of four different kinds of nucleotides: adenine (A), cytosine (C), guanine (G), and thymine (T). The genetic information embodied in DNA accounts for three fundamental aspects of life. First, DNA […]

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Public Relations and Marketing

Marketing or selling the public image of companies to establish a desirable image or reputation may be implemented in various forms. It could be through traditional means such as media exposure through radio, television, and newspaper ads. However, aside from these traditional means of marketing, another option that companies are prevalently implementing at present is […]

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Expansionism on Shaping Foreign Relations

The world power position that United States of America now has is rooted to the foreign relations adventure. The three periods of American foreign relations history include American expansionism, Cold War and Vietnam War. By the end of the US struggle against some dominant imperialists in 1760’s, US began to do wars with natives to […]

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Relations between the northern and the southern states

In 1877, the United States of America was reeling under the pressure and aftermath of reconstruction. Relations between the northern and the southern states had become polarized and ethnic animosity was rife. America, from this period to date has gone through both smooth and turbulent times. Majority of those historical events have played a role […]

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Airline Labor Relations

There are several segments that comprises aviation industry such as; aviation manufacturing, the air transport sector, which includes the major, national, regional, and commuter airlines; general aviation and government aviation.

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African American and Jewish American Race Relations

African American and Jewish American are two of the largest immigrants in United States of America. These two races have great contributions in the history and government of America.

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