Evidence based practice

Evidence based practice (EBP) is the knowledge base supporting an intervention. EBP consists of various pieces of research, studies and trials conducted to test the efficacy of an intervention. (Dawes et al 1999). An important role within nursing is the ability to access information in order to compile an evidence base to support practice or, […]

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Inter-professional Education Reflective Essay

This reflective essay on an inter-professional education course argues that, in this particular scenario, problem based learning in a multi-disciplinary student team provided lessons to take into the real clinical environment. The essay examines team work through following a chronological order of events. It then progresses to reflectively examine my individual role within the team […]

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Ethnic Attitudes Developmental Essay

Ethnic attitudes can be defined as the thoughts and feelings expressed by individuals in response to ethnicity. Ethnicity includes ‘group patterns of values, social customs, perceptions, behavioural roles, language usage, and rules of social interactions that group members share’ (Barth, 1969; Ogbu 1981). Therefore ethnic attitudes reflect the feelings about one’s own and other ethnic […]

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The Five Factor Theory from a Social Cognitive perspective

Despite many criticisms (Block,1995) the Five Factor Theory (FFT) is still one of the most researched models of personality. The theory is characterized by the following important attributes of the five factors. Firstly, they are dimensions on which people vary continuously. These factors are stable from young adulthood to old age (Pervin & John, 1990). […]

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Theories of Rights

John Rawls, one of the most celebrated contemporary philosophers, puts forward a compelling concept in A Theory of Justice (1971) which attempts to delineate the features of a just society by way of a hypothetical contract, grounded in rationality, arrived at under ideal conditions (Dunne & Wheeler, 1999; Jones, 1994). Rawls (1999: 10) purposes a […]

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Has the Hong Kong civil service improved its service-culture

The Public Sector Reform in Hong Kong has launched since 1989. The objectives of economy, efficiency and effectiveness guided the reforms that aimed at improving the productivity of the public organizations. In order to further develop a performance and service-oriented culture, the Government announced its commitment to a major reform program in 1995 named “Serving […]

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Is Perception Based on Unconscious Inferences

Perception and awareness of our surroundings are things we continually take for granted and without these abilities it would be impossible to navigate our way safely round our environment. Roth (1986) described perception as, “The means by which information acquired `via the sense organs is transformed into experiences of objects, events etc” This raises the […]

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Curriculum Design

This paper explores the dynamics and dimensions of the perceivably feasible efforts aimed at remodeling the English Curriculum Design. The paper takes a significant thrust at outlining the thrusts aimed at renewing foreign language learning models while also taking into cognisance the elements of the language curriculum. The proliferation of knowledge contributions around the bodies […]

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Gibb’s Model of Communication – An Interaction

This is a reflective essay based on an experience during a clinical placement at a local hospital. The purpose of this essay is to examine the use of communication and interpersonal skills in clinical practice. I have decided on a particular event where a considerable length of time was spent communicating verbally and non verbally […]

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My Learning

The aim throughout this assignment is to critically analyse, explore and evaluate an element of study that I have used throughout my learning and reflect on how this can significantly contribute towards any future studies. As learning is a continuous process and we can never really say that our learning is complete, it is important […]

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