Creative and Reflective Business

In the study of creative and reflective business is one of the modules that is very important to a business student due to a number of reasons. The module makes students understand higher education and prepares them for working in an academic setting. Students are given subject oriented strategies that they need to be successful […]

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British Airways Essay

I – SWOT Analysis Strengths The strength of the airline includes the excellent new fleet of aircrafts purchased to compliment comfortable traveling of passengers. This move was made to counter the wretched state of travel and complains received by the previous fleet used by British Airways. An amazing magnitude of operations allows British Airways an […]

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Local and national provision of sport athletics

In December 2006, UK:Athletics released its annual report outlining targets for 2007, among of which was to treble the participation in grassroots Athletics by 2012. However, is this a realistic objective? Traditionally, Athletics has had a large following, though the rise in popularity of sports such as Football, Rugby, Tennis etc, has resulted in a […]

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TS Elliot’s The Wast Land: metaphors and metonymy

Metonymy doesn’t substitute like metaphor something like the thing that is meant for the thing itself, but substitutes some attribute or cause or effect of the thing for the thing itself. As an elaborate and repetitive device, it fulfils two functions in modernist poems. It depicts a fragmentation of perception – which it in part […]

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What does it really mean to be a “male” or a “female”

Are gender identity and sexual preferences genetically determined? Can they be reduced to one’s sex? Or are they amalgams of biological, social, and psychological factors in constant interaction? Are they immutable lifelong features or dynamically evolving frames of self-reference? These are questions posed by social scientists regarding the differences between male and female. In this […]

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Greek society in the archaic period

The Archaic age of Greece, occurred approximately between the years 800 and 500 BC, saw many changes and developments in Greek society. Rising from the relatively low period of history that was known as the Dark Age, the country of Greece enjoyed significant progress in all areas; economy, culture and in particularly in social and […]

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Society, policy and practice

John (1995), states that the purpose of reflection is to promote desirable practice through the practitioners understanding and learning about his/her lived experiences (cited in Boud, 1998). Reflective writing provides us with the opportunity to document a previous experience, which we can then explore and discuss and learn from our findings. To help structure my […]

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The Third Man – Morality

The Third Man raises some serious moral issues but at it’s heart lies the central conflict, is it better to remain steadfast and loyal as a personal value or is ones, “duty to humanity” and overriding consideration?” Throughout the “The Third Man” we find ourselves questioning whether it is morally righteous to take precedence the […]

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Clinical skills

The following assignment will aim to reflect upon the development of clinical skills throughout a three year interprofessional learning programme (IPLP). The skill focused upon in this assignment will be respiratory rate it will be analysed using an incident from practice where the assessment and management of a patient who is acutely unwell took place. […]

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Planning theory

The planning profession is in a period of uncertainty at a time of change. There is nothing new in this. One of the features of planning is its openness to external influences, as it is always in a state of some change. The idea that there are four main environments that the planning system deals […]

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