How Did Reconstruction Change the United States

Introduction The onset of reconstruction marked a very critical period in the development of the American history on different domains affecting the population. The events accompanying the implementation reconstruction objectives elementally led to the American society changing its fundamentals towards the achievement of Americanized goals that were to be reflected in the entire population’s daily […]

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Final Paper

The Progression of African American History: From 1865 to Present Throughout the 18 and 19 hundreds, the relationships between blacks and whites were, and in many cases, still today remain intense, primarily because it seems for most African Americans, the rules, although not commonly revealed, have never really changed financially, socially, culturally or politically. The […]

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The most disgraceful episodes in American history

During the period between the 1890’s and the 1940’s, most professional historians agreed; they concluded that Reconstruction was one of the most disgraceful episodes in American history, a tragic era, when misguided or opportunistic northern politicians had enfranchised a black population obviously unfit for citizenship, thereby condemning the long suffering South to an orgy of […]

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